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Cool Videos: Christoph Waltz auditions for that Siegfried & Roy biopic

Earlier this week, we caught wind of a Siegfried and Roy biopic being in the works , in which the lives and careers of the famous Vegas musicians will be laid out for all those unfamiliar with them, beyond the tiger attack. When I wrote up the news, I posed the question of who might make sense being cast in either of those two roles... and, based on his appearance on JIMMY KIMMEL...
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Cool Videos: Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen in True Detective 2

Sadly, TRUE DETECTIVE is over. We will no longer share in the mysterious adventures of Rust Cohle and Martin Hart. But alas, there will be a second season with two all new detectives. Everyone has spent their time-- even before the season ended-- coming up with the perfect pair of actors for season two. That said, Iíve heard some brilliant choices. My hats off to Mr. Chris...
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Cool Videos: Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling sell some knives

Who is the next person that Will Ferrell should do a comedy with? Ryan Gosling . When I saw the original post for this video, I couldn't pass it up. This reminds me of something you might find on an older episode of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. It's also funnier than the majority of stuff I've been seeing lately on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Gosling has proved in several films that he...
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