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Where It Was Made: It's a Wonderful Life

Take a trip back to Bedford Falls and all its filming locations in the latest episode of Where It Was Made! Join George Bailey as he takes you on a journey through the streets, dance floors, and homes from the 1946 Christmas classic directed by Frank Capra and starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. Some of the real-world locations may well surprise you! Listen for that bell ringing and...
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Cool Videos: Stanley Kubrick's characters stalk a paranoid Jimmy Stewart

What happens when you combine Jimmy Stewart, Alfred Hitchcock , and Stanley Kubrick ? One decidedly bizarre but strangely compelling short by the name of THE RED DRUM GETAWAY apparently. Adrien Dezalay, Emmanuel Delabaere, and Simon Philippe of Gump put together this Hitchcock/Kubrick mashup which follows Jimmy Stewart as he's being stalked by a series of Stanley Kubrick 's...
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Update: A sequel to It's a Wonderful Life is being developed for a 2015 release

UPDATE : There is hope! The Film Stage is reporting that Paramount will block the sequel to IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. The producers aiming to make the film have not licensed it from the studio who has no intention of granting one to them. Here's hoping that the prospect of money will not change their minds. In your daily dose of bad ideas comes the news that a sequel to the...
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C'mon Hollywood: Where is the next generation of great actors?

Throughout Hollywood’s history there have always been the go-to names in the industry. Stars who reign for an extended period of time, claiming the throne to superstardom and leaving a strong mark on society and the industry. John Wayne, James Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, amongst others forged an early alliance of stars who became known not just for their...
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