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Ben Affleck & Gavin O'Conner in talks to return for The Accountant sequel

You can file this under news I didn't expect to hear today; Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is currently getting the wheels spinning on a sequel to THE ACCOUNTANT. The crime-thriller, which was released just last year, followed Christian Wolff ( Ben Affleck ), a math savant who worked as a freelance accountant for some of the world's most dangerous criminal organizations....
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Arnold Schwarzenegger says that he isn't done with The Terminator franchise

In a perfect world, TERMINATOR: GENISYS would have rejuvenated the franchise and set it off in a fresh new direction, but alas, it was not to be. Although it returned Arnold Schwarzenegger to the franchise which he is most known for, the sequel wound up being mediocre in most every respect. Paramount later pulled the sequel to TERMINATOR: GENISYS from their schedule and it seemed...
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Review: All Nighter

PLOT: When his daughter goes missing, her steely father teams up with her loser ex-boyfriend to find her. REVIEW: Imagine if MEET THE PARENTS eliminated everyone but De Niro and Stiller, took place in L.A. predominantly over the course of a single night and you'll have a very good idea of what ALL NIGHTER is all about. It's a perfectly acceptable comedy that entertains...
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Disney balks at copyright infringement claims concerning Zootopia animation

I understand that it takes time and quite a bit of legal finesse to organize a lawsuit, though my brow slightly furrows when I hear of a bg project getting slammed with legal mumbo jumbo only after it's taken home a major award ( in this case I'm referring to ZOOTOPIA winning the 2017 Oscar for Best Animated Feature). One part of me would like to see justice served if...
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Rumors say the Schwarzenegger Terminator films are finished

For those of you curious to know if TERMINATOR: GENISYS would ever get a sequel, or if Arnold Schwarzenegger would return to the franchise, the NY Daily News has a Magic 8-Ball that reads, "Not f*cking likely." Not a huge shock given the critical reception of GENISYS (despite a reported $300 million in profits), but the News has sources that say Paramount executives have decided NOT to...
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Review: Patriots Day

PLOT: A docudrama based on the Boston Marathon Bombings, from the event itself to the the manhunt for the terrorists responsible. REVIEW: This has been a terrific year for director Peter Berg . Just a few months ago, his DEEPWATER HORIZON blew audiences away at the Toronto International Film Festival, and now, his other fact-based drama, PATRIOTS DAY, is getting an...
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Easter Egg Countdown - Spider-Man 2 (video)

With the ol' webhead returning to the big screen this year with SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, we take a look at another of his previous jaunts, courtesy of director Sam Raimi . Often lauded as the best of the Spidey films, 2004's SPIDER-MAN 2 certainly holds up as an enjoyable and thrilling adaptation of the character. Starring Tobey Maguire , Kirsten Dunst , James Franco , and...
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Emile Hirsch spends an evening with J.K. Simmons in trailer for All Nighter

More J.K. Simmons is never a bad thing in my opinion, particularly when he's playing a terrifying bad-ass. In Gavin Wiesen 's ALL NIGHTER, Simmons plays a globe-trotting, workaholic who attempts to visit his daughter during a last-minute layover in Los Angeles. After discovering that she's disappeared, he forces her awkward, nervous ex-boyfriend ( Emile Hirsch ), who is...
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New Patriots Day trailer showcases the endurance of the human spirit

The more stuff I see for PATRIOTS DAY my excitement meter begins to go up higher and higher. The magnitude of the story and the intensity of the trailer hint at a gripping and engaging film, if not just technically, but emotionally as well. The trailers have done a good job at relaying much of the movie’s style and tone, with this new preview being no different as it uses...
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We interview Mark Wahlberg, Peter Berg and more for Patriots Day!

The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing was one of the most terrifying events in recent history. And to be honest, I was a bit nervous about watching a feature film about it only three years later. However, Peter Berg 's latest, PATRIOTS DAY, is a compelling look at the tragedy. Thankfully, it also shows the incredible spirit of the people of Boston and all those that came to rescue the...
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Check out John Goodman, Mark Wahlberg & more in exclusive Patriots Day pics

Peter Berg 's latest film is an account of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis's ( John Goodman ) actions in the events leading up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists behind it. The film, also featuring the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Bacon , promises to deliver some hard-hitting drama and...
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Mark Wahlberg sees the Boston Marathon bombings in this Patriots Day trailer

In the aftermath of an unspeakable act of terror, Police Sergeant Tommy Saunders ( Mark Wahlberg ) joins courageous survivors, first responders and investigators in a race against the clock to hunt down the bombers before they strike again. Weaving together the stories of Special Agent Richard Deslauriers ( Kevin Bacon ), Police Commissioner Ed Davis ( John Goodman ), Sergeant Jeffrey...
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