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First look at Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who is here

This summer fans of the long-running show DOCTOR WHO were introduced to the brand-new Doctor, and for the first time in the history of the show the part will be played by a woman – Jodie Whittaker . This took the internet by storm with tons of shows of approval came from the Whovian community, and now the internet is going wild again as the first image of Whittaker in her new WHO...
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Rumor: Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who may have found her new companion

Before we flip the switch that activates the Rumor Mill, I want to be certain that all of you take this "news" with more salt than I have to sprinkle on the BBC's most recent season of the serialized sci-fi advenure show, DOCTOR WHO. Again, nothing has been made official just yet, though we have learned that The Daily Mirror is reporting that...
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Jodie Whittaker named as the 13th Doctor

In a day that will be remembered by every DOCTOR WHO fan around the world, the 13th Doctor has finally been chosen, and she looks like an awesome choice. That’s right, the first ever female Doctor is finally upon us and will be played by Jodie Whittaker . The ATTACK THE BLOCK actress was announced as the new time lord via a video that aired during the Wimbledon finals...
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John Boyega and Joe Cornish are working on something together

The last time John Boyega and Joe Cornish got together on something, it was ATTACK THE BLOCK, which, in retrospect, really opened up a lot of doors for Boyega. Hell, if not cast as Moses, bruv, who knows if Boyega would have ever been in the right position to land the role of Finn in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, or now the PACIFIC RIM sequel or that Kathryn Bigelow...
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Legendary wants Attack the Block's Joe Cornish to direct Skull Island

Over the weekend at SDCC Legendary announced plans for a new King Kong movie, and now Deadline is reporting the studio wants ATTACK THE BLOCK director Joe Cornish behind the camera for SKULL ISLAND . The site has learned Legendary has offered Cornish the directing job, however they don't know if he'll take it or not. Joe Cornish hasn't directed a film since...
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Paramount is interested in Attack the Block director Joe Cornish for Star Trek 3

I can't lie: this news has me very excited. Deadline is reporting that Paramount is currently courting ATTACK THE BLOCK director Joe Cornish for STAR TREK 3. The site has learned that the studio is very high on Cornish directing a third film, but no offer has been made yet by Paramount. Deadline also says the studio wants to start filming the new movie by summer of 2014. Empire...
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