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Review: Digging for Fire

  This was previously reviewed as part of's Sundance 2015 coverage.   PLOT: The discovery of a human bone and an old gun sends a husband ( Jake Johnson ) and wife ( Rosemarie DeWitt ) on separate adventures over a few days in L.A that will test the strength of each partner's marital devotion. REVIEW: It's not Sundance without Joe Swanberg , right? An...
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Review: The Sacrament

NOTE: This review originally ran as part of's TIFF 2013 coverage. PLOT: Two journalists ( Joe Swanberg & AJ Bowen ) with VICE, follow their friend Patrick (Kentucker Audley) on a trip to visit his sister Caroline ( Amy Seimetz ) who's joined a cult called Eden Parrish, run by the messianic "Father" ( Gene Jones ). REVIEW:...
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Trailer for Happy Christmas Starring Anna Kendrick and Lena Dunham

DRINKING BUDDIES writer/director Joe Swanberg ’s new comedy HAPPY CHRISTMAS has its first trailer and it's looking pretty great. I will watch pretty much anything with Anna Kendrick ever since I saw her stealing scenes all over the place in UP IN THE AIR . Here she is working with Swanberg again for what looks like another great role; I would have a hard time buying...
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Red-band trailer and poster for Ti West's horror thriller The Sacrament

The red-band trailer and poster for Ti West 's THE SACRAMENT have debuted, taking the found footage genre into the world of religious cults. Starring Joe Swanberg , AJ Bowen , Amy Seimetz , and Gene Jones , the flick is a take on real-life cults, much like the Jonestown massacre. West describes the film as a bit of a "mockumentary" although not in the comedic sense....
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Review: Happy Christmas (Sundance 2014)

PLOT: Fresh from a rough breakup and with Christmas approaching, Jenny ( Anna Kendrick ) moves in with her brother Jeff ( Joe Swanberg ) and sister-in-law Kelly ( Melanie Lynskey ). The irresponsible and impulsive Jenny soon finds herself at odds with Kelly, but their tense relationship begins to warm up as the two get to know each other, and Jenny finds herself growing up by...
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The trailer for indie thriller Proxy explores the horrors of pregnancy

There are few things more terrifying than a pregnant woman being hurt. The French film INSIDE portrayed a pregnant woman being stalked by a killer and featured a horrific amateur C-section. It makes even the most tolerant viewer squeamish seeing such awful things done. That being said, most studio films shy away from displaying such acts on screen. That is where independent filmmakers...
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Review: Drinking Buddies

PLOT: Two co-workers work through their feelings for one another while attempting to navigate strained relationships with their significant others. REVIEW: A simple look at a complex relationship, DRINKING BUDDIES is a very fine, very likable indie that spotlights two excellent performances by Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson . The duo play close friends and co-workers who...
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Check out the trailer for Joe Swanberg's Drinking Buddies, starring Olivia Wilde, Anna Kendrick, and Ron Livingston

Director Joe Swanberg is kind of renowned for his improv-style movies and as I struggled to think if I'd seen any of them before, it became evident that I haven't. So, while watching this new trailer for DRINKING BUDDIES, I went in cold. And, in all honesty, this looks like a fairly engaging pic. Starring Olivia Wilde , Anna Kendrick , Ron Livingston , and Jake Johnson in...
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