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Star Trek: Discovery to boldly go with a September premiere date & more!

Are you ready to boldly go into a new STAR TREK television series? Well, mic check your communicators, make sure you don't wear anything the color red, and prepare to board STAR TREK: DISCOVERY beginning on Sunday, September 24th , with a special broadcast premiere on the CBS TV network which is set to air from 8:30-9:30 PM . Additionally, the first and second episode of the...
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Easter Egg Countdown - Star Trek Beyond (video)

The third installment of the rebooted STAR TREK franchise featured a bit more of the otherworldly adventure that was featured in the old '60's TV show, while still retaining some of the space-travel escapades as well. With JJ Abrams being replaced by FAST & FURIOUS franchise regular Justin Lin and the rest of the established cast, including Chris Pine , Zachary Quinto ,...
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Star Trek: Discovery adds Penny Dreadful & Battlestar Galactica alums

Nanu nanu! I'm only kidding, I'm perfectly aware that when it comes to Star Trek, fans are always hoping to boldly go where no one has gone before. Speaking of which, this afternoon, several actors have been added to the cast list of CBS All Access' STAR TREK DISCOVERY. That's cool, right? However, I'm about to sweeten the pot by reporting that everyone who's...
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Jason Isaacs will play the captain on Star Trek: Discovery

Earlier this year it was announced that CBS' new show, Star Trek: Discovery, has been pushed back to late this year or early next . A shame for fans looking forward to the franchise returning to its roots, although the following news should alleviate that pain! The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Lucius Malfoy himself, Jason Isaacs , has signed on to play none other than the...
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Unfortunately, Star Trek: Discovery will warp into a later premiere date

The past 48 hours have been a bit of a rough go for Star Trek fans. First, STAR TREK BEYOND lost its chance to snag a much-deserved award for Best Makeup & Hair Styling at the 87th Academy Awards to David Ayer 's SUICIDE SQUAD, and now, it's being reported that the much-anticipated television show STAR TREK: DISCOVERY has been delayed. It's a real bummer, I know....
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Joe Carnahan & Frank Grillo on what makes their remake of The Raid different

Gareth Evans ’ THE RAID is one of the absolute best action movies out there, and the thought of remaking something already so great doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, but here we are. Word of a remake of THE RAID popped up several years ago but the project was ultimately shelved, but just last week it was announced that THE RAID was back in action with Joe Carnahan (THE...
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The Raid is getting a bone-snapping remake from Joe Carnahan & Frank Grillo

I've got this good buddy of mine named Beller. Whenever the two of us get together, we do our damnedest to seek out and watch whichever "decent" looking martial arts flicks we can find. Over the years, we've enjoyed any number of engaging bouts featuring icons like Tony Jaa , Ip Man, and of course, Bruce Lee . Though one of the most outstanding films (or series) that...
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Cool Videos: Zoe Saldana enlists the help of Stephen Hawking in this short

The following short film, QUANTUM IS CALLING, follows Zoe Saldana as she enlists the help of Stephen Hawking to solve a quantum riddle in order to get Simon Pegg ’s cat back. That's right. Zoe. Stephen. Simon. Cat. This seems like a bit of an odd topic to tackle in a short film, but director Alex Winter (of Bill & Ted fame) has delivered something similar in the short...
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Cool Videos: Bloopers from Star Trek Beyond

The latest adventure featuring the crew of the USS Enterprise finds our heroes encountering a ruthless new enemy in Idris Elba 's Krall, and engaging in some serious antics to overthrow his dastardly plans. BEYOND proved to be a big-screen version of a TV episode, and I mean that in a good way! The film is fun as is, but now you can get a little behind-the-scenes peak at the...
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Chris Pine looks forward to reuniting with Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek 4

Captain Kirk's latest adventure was highly enjoyable, for me at least, but unfortunately it didn't perform nearly as well at the box-office as Paramount was hoping it would. The studio officially announced a fourth STAR TREK film before STAR TREK BEYOND even premiered and despite BEYOND's lackluster box-office, that movie is apparently still in the cards. STAR TREK 4 will...
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Star Trek Beyond will be warping to Blu-ray in November

Given how much I enjoyed STAR TREK BEYOND, I was hoping that its box-office performance would have been a little more impressive. While the latest STAR TREK flick hasn't completed its theatrical run yet, its upcoming release on Blu-ray/DVD has already been announced by Paramount; here's hoping that it will find a bigger audience on home-media. On October 4th , STAR TREK BEYOND...
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Simon Pegg explains where Carol Marcus was during Star Trek Beyond

Although the ending of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS had Carol Marcus ( Alice Eve ) officially joining the crew of the Enterprise on their five-year mission, the character was noticeably absent from the recent STAR TREK BEYOND. Simon Pegg recently stopped by the Star Trek Podcast for a chat and explained why the character didn't end up being a part of the latest STAR TREK adventure....
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