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Avatar: Discover Pandora will let people travel to Pandora this December

Tired of the same old sandy beaches? Bored of the dull and dreary mountain escapes? Hate the bug-infested, bear-dominated wilderness retreats? Then how would you like to vacation somewhere a little more…out of this world? That’s right, because now you can explore the amazing, alien world of Pandora, the land of the Na’vi and where James Cameron goes when he falls...
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James Cameron's Avatar sequels will be a family saga

Like it or not, James Cameron will remain involved with the world of Pandora for the foreseeable future as he will be bringing us not one, not two, not three, but four more sequels to AVATAR. Cameron has been vague as to what these sequels will be about, but he did spill one little detail to Variety while discussing Toruk - The First Flight, Cirque du Soleil's AVATAR...
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James Cameron on why Avatar needs four sequels

Sure, AVATAR quickly became the highest grossing film in the world with an astounding $2.7 billion and remains one of the most incredible visual experiences I've had in a theater, but not once have I thought that it needed another nine hours of story added on. Still, it's James Cameron playing around in a world of giant blue space monkeys so I'd be lying out of my ass if I...
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James Cameron explains how they're going to shoot all those Avatar sequels

When James Cameron popped up at this year's CinemaCon and announced plans to proceed ahead with now four AVATAR sequels in the coming years, nearly everyone thought the man insane. After all, how many people were really psyched about one AVATAR sequel at this point, let alone three more on top of that? But this is the same filmmaker that continues to prove people wrong every...
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James Cameron announces four Avatar sequels at CinemaCon

The world of Pandora keeps growing in James Cameron 's mind, and, with that, so does the number of AVATAR sequels the filmmaker intends to make in order to tell the whole story.  What once began as a trilogy and then morphed into a quadrilogy has now undergone changes again with Cameron making a surprise appearance during 20th Century Fox's presentation at...
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James Cameron's Avatar 2 delayed again; Won't open in 2017 as planned

Last month, James Cameron said he was targeting a Christmas 2017 release for his first of three planned AVATAR sequels, but now The Wrap has heard it won't be ready in time for next year's holiday season, and has been delayed once again . Fox declined to comment on the delay, although it has been confirmed by individuals with knowledge of the situation. An updated release...
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James Cameron wants you to remember that those Avatar sequels are important

2009 seems like it happened forever ago, doesn't it? Granted it's only six years, but six years can be a long time when so much has happened in between. And with that comes discussion of AVATAR, which, at the time, was the biggest thing on the planet and yet now, even with that incredible box office performance in the books, feels like an afterthought. And to think... we've got three...
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James Cameron hopes that Avatar 2 will prove that the first one was no fluke

Six years later and James Cameron 's AVATAR is still the most profitable film in the world by quite a large margin. A sequel was pretty much a no-brainer but when it was revealed that Cameron was working on not one, but three , additional sequels to AVATAR, it seemed excessive. AVATAR obviously has its fans and the sheer spectacle of seeing the world of Pandora up on the...
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Exclusive Video: A tribute to James Horner

Yesterday saw the passing of composer James Horner , and while everyone has had a lot of kind words to say about the man and his work, sometimes words can be fleeting for such a tragedy. I know there's a lot of you out there playing your favorite James Horner scores today, and whether it be STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN, THE LAND BEFORE TIME, BRAVEHEART, ALIENS, GLORY, TITANIC,...
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Composer James Horner confirmed dead after plane crash

Composer James Horner, who crafted scores for a number of classics over the years such as GLORY, BRAVEHEART, APOLLO 13 and TITANIC, died Monday morning at 61 when the aircraft he was piloting went down outside of Santa Barbara. The plane was registered under Horner's name but identification was only recently made and then confirmed by his assistant, Sylvia Patrycja. James...
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James Cameron currently has 4 sequel scripts to Avatar

You don't make the highest-grossing picture of all time and walk away without some studio having some serious discussions about sequels. Given that it was kinda hard to pull off a sequel to TITANIC, it looks like James Cameron had no problem returning to the world of Pandora and crafting an entire new trilogy with everyone's favorite unobtanium-riddled blue aliens. While...
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The Guest director Adam Wingard tapped to direct Death Note

The horror manga Death Note has piqued the interest of several directors over the years like Shane Black and Gus Van Sant , but it looks like Warner Bros. has finally found their leader in Adam Wingard . Wingard more recently made a name for himself with flicks like YOU'RE NEXT and THE GUEST. His focus on character development while delivering the red stuff makes him a perfect fit...
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