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Weekend Box Office Report: August 19-21, 2016

Suicide Squad is still #1! The team of sundry super-criminals led the box office for a third straight weekend as SUICIDE SQUAD remained in first place with an estimated $20.7 million ! Granted, the latest DC Comics adaptation didn't exactly face much serious competition in August, but the other 2016 releases to successfully hold the top spot for three...
5 days ago
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Cool Videos: Suicide Squad sales pitch

There are definitely people out there in the world who take their SUICIDE SQUAD too seriously. They don't want to hear one negative word about the latest DC Extended Universe film, and, if they do, God help you... there will be threats and harassment to follow. I get the feeling those people aren't going to like poking fun at the movie either. Too bad for them. ...
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Weekend Box Office Report: August 12-14, 2016

Suicide Squad stays on top! For a second weekend, DC's supervillains took control of the box office and kept SUICIDE SQUAD at #1 with an estimated $43.7 million ! That represents a 67% loss of business from the movie's record-breaking opening weekend, but the team of expendable bad guys still managed to set another record for biggest second weekend...
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David Ayer keeps explaining away The Joker

For a character that is in SUICIDE SQUAD for only about seven minutes of total screen time, there is a lot of attention being paid to various details of Jared Leto 's Joker. It doesn't matter that we are sure to get more Joker as the DC Extended Universe plays on, be it in JUSTICE LEAGUE or a solo Batman movie or whatever other titles Warner Bros. is going to add to their slate...
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Margot Robbie on why Joker scenes were cut from Suicide Squad

It's no secret that a healthy amount of footage featuring Jared Leto 's Joker was cut from SUICIDE SQUAD for . . . reasons. Ultimately those reasons belong to Warner Bros. and director David Ayer , but Harley Quinn herself, Margot Robbie , offered up her own opinion on why those scenes were cut. In speaking with Entertainment Weekly, she basically cuts to the heart of it and makes a...
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Suicide Squad's reviews have motivated the Justice League cast

Although those negative SUICIDE SQUAD reviews didn't keep the flick from making some serious money (and breaking records) at the box-office over the weekend, they are having an effect on a little DCEU movie which is still shooting by the name of JUSTICE LEAGUE. Taking some time out to speak with MTV , Ezra Miller (The Flash) revealed that the negative feedback from some critics...
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Rumored Suicide Squad deleted scenes hint at more Joker & an R-rated cut

*WARNING! DANGER! SPOILERS AHEAD* Okay, given how SUICIDE SQUAD has come out I think we should all be big enough to admit that the film will, like BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, go down as being received with so-so reception.  The critics on the whole hated it, and fan consensus has been pretty “good-not-great” so far. What a lot people seem to agree on is that the film...
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Attraction Reactions: Suicide Squad (video)

We sent host Taylor Johnson to a local theater to find out what people thought about the latest entry from the DCEU, SUICIDE SQUAD from director David Ayer , which stars Will Smith , Margot Robbie , Jared Leto , Viola Davis , Joel Kinnaman , and Jay Hernandez . Did audience members react the same as the critics? Find out in this episode of Attraction Reactions!...
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Weekend Box Office Report: August 5-7, 2016

Suicide Squad blows up in a big way! Some lesser-known villains of DC Comics stormed the multiplexes this weekend and put SUICIDE SQUAD on top at the box office with an estimated $135.1 million ! The bad guys beat up the box office record for biggest August opening weekend, shooting past the $94.3 million launch of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY in 2014....
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What did you think of...Suicide Squad?

After a string of beautifully-chopped trailers and a solid marketing campaign, director David Ayer 's SUICIDE SQUAD has arrived and the results are...quite mixed. Much like BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, the film has garnered a blend of reactions from love to hate to mediocrity, leaving fans in a tizzy over whether critics have been overly harsh or if WB is fumbling the ball on the...
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Jared Leto says that a lot of his scenes in Suicide Squad were cut

First off, there will be some SUICIDE SQUAD spoilers so back away slowly if you've yet to see the film. With rumours of a bit of chaos happening behind-the-scenes of SUICIDE SQUAD during the editing phase, it shouldn't be any surprise that several scenes wound up on the cutting room floor, a move which surprised some of the cast of SUICIDE SQUAD, including Jared Leto ....
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Zack Snyder got behind the camera to direct a scene for Suicide Squad

Zack Snyder haters are going to do what they want with this information to forward their cause. Zack Snyder defenders are going to do what they want with this information to forward their cause. Let the battle of the narratives begin, as we now learn that Zack Snyder did indeed direct one scene in SUICIDE SQUAD.  Now, for those of you who haven't seen the film yet...
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