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Kevin Smith gives an update on the Mallrats series and Jason Lee's character

Earlier this year, Kevin Smith announced that his MALLRATS 2 movie would instead be a 10-episode series. Since then, there's been no news regarding a shooting date or what network it may air on, but as of now, it still looks like a sure thing. Kevin Smith recently gave a small update on the series, speaking mostly about Jason Lee but also that the series would feature his...
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Kevin Smith's Mallrats 2 will now be a 10 episode series

Early last year, Kevin Smith started announcing all of the returning cast members for MALLRATS 2 (pretty much everyone but Affleck has been confirmed). He's been pretty quiet about the film ever since, and now we may know why. The Preston & Steven talk show is reporting that Kevin Smith 's MALLRATS 2 has become a 10-episode series. They posted the following on their Twitter account...
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Kevin Smith talks about the premise of Mallrats 2

I know you're dying inside to know what MALLRATS 2/MALLBRATS is about. How can Kevin Smith go back to that well within the View Askewniverse after all these years? What would make sense? What type of middle-aged people hang out at the mall these days? Isn't this all a little sad? Kevin Smith revealed some details at New York Comic-Con as he took the stage to promote COMIC BOOK...
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Mallrats 2 title pays homage to the Brat Pack plus more casting news

An immense fire has been lit under Kevin Smith 's ass to make MALLRATS 2 and in the span of 2 months he's assembled the bulk of his cast, the first draft of his script and a title; MALLBRATS. Smith has stated before that the original film was set out to pay homage to John Hughes (SIXTEEN CANDLES, THE BREAKFAST CLUB) and it looks like that inspiration is still there, as the...
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Kevin Smith delays Clerks 3 to film Mallrats 2; aims to cast Ben Affleck

As Kevin Smith originally laid it out, CLERKS 3 would have been the next film he would shoot, followed by HIT SOMEBODY and MOOSE JAWS. MALLRATS 2 came out of nowhere and was looking at principal photography some time in 2016. As you may have noticed, Smith has been assembling the original cast like no other and this snowball effect pushed the production of MALLRATS 2 into 2015. Now it...
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Joey Lauren Adams and more join Kevin Smith's ballooning cast of Mallrats 2

The number of returning cast members continues as Kevin Smith assembles his players for MALLRATS 2. Last we checked, Smith had 4 more members to reveal and it looks like there's a slight change in plans, as he's added 3 more to that list. The most notable announcement is that Joey Lauren Adams is making a comeback. While she didn't play an integral role in the original...
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Renee Humphrey joins Mallrats 2 and Trevor Fehrman will return for Clerks 3

As you no doubt have seen by now, Kevin Smith has been on a casting kick, releasing pictures of the returning cast for MALLRATS 2. That trend continues with Renee Humphrey (Trish the Dish) taking part, but Smith also let us know that a character from CLERKS 2 would be making his way into CLERKS 3. Check out the announcement below! TRISH THE DISH vs ELIAS! In-Real-Life...
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Jeremy London and Ethan Suplee are the latest to join Mallrats 2

The hunt for the original MALLRATS cast members continues and Kevin Smith has two more to add to the list. Now confirmed is Jeremy London , who played opposite Jason Lee as leading man T.S. Quint. Not to be confused with his twin brother Jason London (DAZED AND CONFUSED), Jeremy has been plenty busy himself with more obscure flicks as of late. He's not alone, however, as...
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Jason Lee and Shannen Doherty will return for Kevin Smith's Mallrats 2

Kevin Smith has wasted no time assembling his MALLRATS 2 cast, despite several other projects (CLERKS III, HIT SOMEBODY, MOOSE JAWS) initially standing between now and then. Last we heard, Smith assembled Jason Mewes , Stan Lee and Michael Rooker to take a return trip to the mall . Today we have confirmation that (arguably) the star of the show has returned; Jason Lee . While...
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Kevin Smith teases the return of Stan Lee and Michael Rooker for Mallrats 2

It was about this time last week that Kevin Smith confirmed that he is writing MALLRATS 2 . It's a film that won't see the light of day (if ever) until after CLERKS III, HIT SOMEBODY, and MOOSE JAWS are in the can, but it's there. While Jay and Silent Bob seem like a given as far as returning characters go, it looks like those aren't the only supporting characters...
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Review: Blue Caprice

PLOT: The true story of the men behind the 2002 Beltway Sniper attacks. John Allen Muhammad ( Isaiah Washington ) is living in Antigua with his children when he meets a fatherless boy, Lee (Tequan Richmond) who he takes under his wing. Muhammad brings him back to his home in the U.S but soon begins to indoctrinate the boy with his murderous agenda. REVIEW: I remember being...
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