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New Valerian trailer promises to take you on the ride of your life

After years in the making, Luc Besson will finally unveil his dream project, VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS, to the world. Using breathtaking visual effects to bring the classic story to life, the movie promises to be an absolute extravaganza of colors, creatures and space action. The new trailer is here to showcase the scale and grandeur of the film, pushing the...
5 days ago
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John Goodman waits out an alien invasion in first look at Captive State

I'll watch John Goodman in just about anything, the man is one heck of a fine actor and can really do it all. Comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, you name it, John Goodman 's done it. One of his more impressive roles of late was that of paranoid survivalist Howard Stambler in  Dan Trachtenberg 's 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, and it seems that he'll be taking a few of those...
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New Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets promo posters have arrived

A new batch of promotional materials for Luc Besson 's upcoming sci-fi epic VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS have surfaced today and boy are they ever colorful! It's been quite some time since I was genuinely excited for a high-fantasy action sci-fi flick, and I can tell you right not that I'll be during this film's opening weekend to check it out!...
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Roseanne Barr, John Goodman & more to return for a TV revival of Roseanne

It's like we're living in some sort of TV revival wonderland. Over the past few years we've seen shows like The X-Files, Full House, Prison Break, Gilmore Girls and more return to our screens, with many others on the way. Not all of them have been worthy of a resurrection, but that certainly hasn't stopped the revival train from moving forward. The latest series...
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Jason Momoa steals Bruce Willis' dog in Once Upon a Time in Venice trailer

If you take a gander at Bruce Willis ' filmography, especially over the past few years, it seems pretty clear that the man enjoys an easy paycheck; that, or he's got some serious debts to pay off. Willis has appeared in more than a few direct-to-video flicks of questionable quality lately, and it seems that another is on the way, except this time, it looks as though it could...
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Jordan Vogt-Roberts will not return to the MonsterVerse anytime soon

KONG: SKULL ISLAND debuted in March to a smaller opening weekend than 2014’s GODZILLA, but the fan response was far more positive, hailing the movie’s gorgeous visuals, odd humor, and constant ape-driven excitement. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts made the film is own, an incredible task considering the legacy of the character. But despite fans wishes, SKULL ISLAND was most...
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Charlize Theron owns the night in new Atomic Blonde trailer

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD put Charlize Theron in the front seat, and not only solidified her as one of Hollywood’s best working actresses, but proved she’s capable of holding her own in mind-boggling action scenes. Now she’s getting to take that up a notch and lead her own outing as a super-secret spy who uses fridges, ropes and her shoes to put the hurt on her enemies. A...
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CinemaCon 2017: We interview David Leitch for Atomic Blonde & Deadpool 2

Director David Leitch has made a hell of a name for himself already with his debut feature JOHN WICK (along with co-director Chad Stahelski) and is poised to do so again with this summer's ATOMIC BLONDE starring Charlize Theron , James McAvoy and Sofia Boutella . We caught up with Leitch at CinemaCon this year at the Focus Features red carpet and talked about how he got...
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Blast off into the blue with the new Valerian trailer

In a summer filled with reboots, retools, sequels and colorful kid crack, VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS will stand as perhaps the most unique viewing experience of the entire season. Yes, we’ve seen aliens and spaceships and hot people in form-fitting space suits, but it’s never looked so…blue. The new, full length trailer for the movie has dropped and...
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CinemaCon 2017: STX presentation w/ Valerian, Molly's Game, Bad Moms & more!

CinemaCon 2017 is underway and we've got a full dance card for the next few days. This morning's festivities were kicked off with STX, the now 2-year-old studio that's commited to bringing more affordable A-list style films to the masses. They previewed their upcoming slate with some first looks and announcements, including a new trailer for VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A...
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New Valerian poster will have you seeing blue

This last weekend we got a tease of the new trailer for VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS, which is set to drop on March 29 . I figured we could get something else from the movie before that, like a clip or something, and my psychic powers proved right and we now have a new poster courtesy of EW featuring the icy blue eyes of Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne...
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New trailer tease for Valerian will get you ready for Alpha

One of the riskiest – and surely most expensive looking – movies of the year is VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS. The massive directorial effort from Luc Besson (LUCY, THE FIFTH ELEMENT) with Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne will take viewers to a universe never seen in the movieverse before, and it will be magical and spectacular! Though we got the first...
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