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Robert Patrick is the man with a plan in an exclusive Last Rampage clip

I'll be honest, one thing I admire about criminals is their seemingly unwavering confidence. Whether their looking to rob a bank, double-cross their supplier, or engage a battalion of armed officers, they do so with a stiff back and a sure step. Not me, man. Truth be told, I'm something of a wuss when it comes to the law. My Aunt Tish once gave me some very sound advice that...
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Awfully Good: C.H.U.D.

John Heard may best be known as the dad from HOME ALONE, but I'll always remember him from this underrated movie…   C.H.U.D. (1984)   Director: Douglas Cheek Stars: John Heard, Daniel Stern, Christopher Curry The government dumps their toxic waste in to the New York City sewer, where it turns the homeless in to...
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Home Alone actor John Heard has died

John Heard is not a name you may instantly recognize, but he is an actor whose face you have seen in dozens of films and television series over the last forty years including C.H.U.D., CUTTER'S WAY, BEACHES, CAT PEOPLE and, most memorably, HOME ALONE. We are sad to report that Heard passed away yesterday at the age of 72 after undergoing back surgery. Heard had a prolific career...
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Cool Videos: Home Alone scenes made much more realistic with blood & gore

If HOME ALONE actually took place in the real world, it's extremely likely that the various traps which budding serial-killer Kevin McCallister ( Macaulay Culkin ) installed in and around his house would have killed Harry ( Joe Pesci ) and Marv ( Daniel Stern ) a dozen times over. YouTube user BitMassive has taken several scenes from both HOME ALONE and HOME ALONE 2 and thrown a...
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Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: Back To The Future, Doom, Sharknado

Some cliche somewhere said that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' This has proven to be the case for me and especially when it comes to fan art. I have always sought out great fan art and have wanted to share it with as many people as possible. "Awesome Artwork We've Found Around The Net" is the outlet for that passion. In this column I will showcase the kick-ass...
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Cool Videos: Macauley Culkin revisits Home Alone's Kevin McAllister

Whatever happened to Kevin McAllister? No, not Macauley Culkin . That dude is doing just fine still living on what I imagine is a mountain of HOME ALONE money. But his character Kevin McAllister from those HOME ALONE movies? Whatever happened to that guy? When you're lost by your family on not one, but two occasions, that has to take a psychological toll on you that only...
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Cool Videos: Evan Rachel Wood shows us the female variation of Big

Everyone remembers the 80s classic that helped to catapult Tom Hanks into the hearts of audiences everywhere. While the story of a young boy who makes a wish at a carnival machine to be big seemed pretty harmless at the time, sometimes it takes a woman's perspective to shed light on some awful truths. Evan Rachel Wood and Darren Criss star in this iteration of BIG where a...
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Fox developing a half hour sitcom based on the Tom Hanks classic Big

The 1988 comedy BIG represented a turning point in the career of Tom Hanks . Prior to BIG, Hanks was known for comedy and not serious dramatic roles. BIG afforded him the chance to stretch his acting muscles which would eventually turn him into one of the premier actors of his generation. Now, the Penny Marshall directed film, photographed by Barry Sonnenfeld , and written by Gary...
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Face-Off: Christmas Vacation vs. Home Alone

It wasn’t as close a race as I thought it would be in last week's Face-Off as James Cameron got the majority of your votes as he beat down on Kiwi director Peter Jackson and those adorable little hobbit-men of his. “Game over, man!” Christmas is in the air and with the big day less than a week away now, it was only natural for us here at to serve up a Christmas Face-Off for all...
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The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat: Home Alone

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving this week. With that being said, this week's movie is one that I'm truly thankful for. With December upon us this weekend, it's time to dive into some holiday classics. This weekend, we will be talking about a truly great Christmas movie. We will chat about the greatness that is Home Alone! Your's truly has been hosting The...
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Cool Videos: Honest Trailers' does Home Alone just in time for the holidays!

Many of you are preparing to get together with your families as the holiday season beckons us all to crowd into one house, eat food, and chatter on about our goings on in life. During that time, youngsters will be dragged into the mix, much to their chagrin, unless of course their name is Kevin McAllister. Yep, ol Macaulay Culkin has been a household name for decades now, his cutesy and...
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Sharknado is coming to a theater near you. Seriously.

I got caught up in the SHARKNADO insanity as much as anyone because it was fun and free. Anyone with basic cable was able to tune into the abysmally bad Asylum schlock movie starring Ian Ziering, Tara Reid , and John Heard . Hell, SyFy got such a social media boost that they greenlit SHARKNADO 2. But, now Regal Cinemas is taking it too far. They are bringing SHARKNADO to the big...
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