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Awfully Good Movies: Tarzan the Ape Man (Video)

Tarzan the Ape Man (1981) Director:  John Derek Stars:  Bo Derek, Richard Harris, Miles O'Keeffe The King of the Apes is returning to his rightful throne this weekend in THE LEGEND OF TARZAN, so Awfully Good Movies is celebrating by looking at MGM's failed 1981 reboot of Edgar Rice Burroughs' famed white ape: TARZAN THE APE MAN, starring...
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JoBlo Podcast: The Canadian Road Trip! Breaking Bad & Travolta's Movie Jail Trial!

Drunk in The Falls! Click above to LISTEN NOW! Law and Moreno head out on their great Canadian road trip and make a pit-stop in Niagara Falls to add big brother, John Law to the show for insight and poop stories. John Travolta goes on trial for Movie Jail, everybody waits impatiently for the halfway break of 'Breaking Bad', and John...
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