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Matt Damon says there's an idea for a second round of Rounders

Ah nostalgia, you have given us everything from the uber-hit JURASSIC WORLD, to the uber-duds INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE, DUMB AND DUMBER TOO and ZOOLANDER 2. It seems there's no end to the marketable idea behind tugging at our childhood heartstrings, trying to convince us the 90’s were the pinnacle of human civilization. Pray tell, what could be the newest entry into this...
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John Malkovich joins comic book convention crime comedy Supercon

Variety is reporting that John Malkovich has signed on for SUPERCON, a comic book convention-set crime comedy from Gold Star Films and Momentum Productions. SUPERCON will follow "a group of washed up television stars and comic book artists who make their living attending conventions. Down on their luck, the ragtag team hashes a plot to rob the convention and bring...
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Trailer for Deepwater Horizon builds up the tension

If you want to see the mark of a phenomenal trailer, then be sure to click Play at the end of this article and watch the first one for Peter Berg 's DEEPWATER HORIZON. Based on the true story of the offshore drilling rig of the same name that exploded and set forth the greatest oil spill in U.S. history, Peter Berg 's film already has me on edge. This trailer builds up the tension...
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Josh Brolin "hated" Jonah Hex

Before shared universes were really a thing and there were machines that cranked out comic book movies with precision in order to serve the greater overall brand, movie studios were still trying to grab hold of something that was once popular or interesting on the page and turn it into a big-screen success that might be capable of shouldering a franchise. Along the way, we found a few...
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Cast This: Freddy Krueger

In August of last year we got word that an all-new remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET was on the way, again. This would be just six years after New Line Cinema rebooted Wes Craven ’s classic horror film the first time. Jackie Earle Haley , who played Freddy in the reboot, isn’t expected to return. So that leaves us with plenty to work with, casting a new Freddy...
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Top 10 Movie Spin-offs of All Time

PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR opens today and represents the latest big screen spin-off for supporting characters from another film. While TV spin-offs are more common, the big screen has seen it's fair share of them. Usually they are not very good (see SUPERGIRL or ELEKTRA for example), but they are becoming more and more common. Here is our ranking of the best film spin-offs of all time. If your...
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Review: Penguins of Madagascar

PLOT : Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private must join up with an undercover operative of animals trying to protect the cute and cuddly. Their mission, to stop Dave the octopus who harbors some jealousy issues, ones hed like to take out on all the penguins of the world. REVIEW : PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR is a pretty funny movie. You can laugh at the constant use of celebrity name puns....
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Noomi Rapace and Orlando Bloom to star in terrorist thriller Unlocked

In case you were wondering what Noomi Rapace was going to kick ass in next, that answer comes in the form of UNLOCKED. Helmed by director Michael Apted (THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH), UNLOCKED tells the story of a CIA interrogator (Rapace), who unwittingly provides information to terrorists and then must race against the clock to...
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Extended clip from Penguins of Madagascar features the great Werner Herzog

DreamWorks Animation has long been the Pepsi to the Coke that is Pixar. While Pixar has long been the benchmark for animation quality, DreamWorks has been stepping up their game in recent years. Both the KUNG FU PANDA and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON franchises are pretty damn good and movies like THE CROODS have proven to be fun. But, the MADAGASCAR franchise has long been their lowest...
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Grab some cheesy dibbles and laugh with a new Penguins of Madagascar trailer

The new PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR trailer offers up some new footage and laughs with the spin-off gang featuring Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private. I can’t say I was a fan of MADAGASCAR , so thankfully they found a way to charm me with the supporting characters. With this movie hitting in the fall and the DESPICABLE ME spin-off MINIONS hitting next summer, we have no shortage...
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Simon West says he would like to make Con Air 2 in Space

CON AIR hit theaters in June of 1997 and has since gone on to solidify itself as a ridiculous, albeit great, action movie. I was rejected from the box office at least five times trying to get into this movie without an adult; I would eventually watch it at home ad nauseam eventually killing my VHS copy. A sequel to the movie has been floating around certain corners of the blogosphere...
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Comic Con: Dreamworks Animation panel w/ Home and Penguins of Madagascar

Dreamworks brought three films—well, two films and a prop—to Comic Con 2014 and they didn't look terrible! Craig Ferguson was brought out as moderator, and much like the Game of Thrones panel, he completely killed it. He welcomed everyone to Comic Con, "the one week housecats dread all year." He also constantly mocked how terrified everyone is of Jeffrey...
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