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8 Things We Want to see in Green Lantern Corps

As Warner Bros. and DC Comics continue to expand their cinematic universe, fans of fantasy and action are destined to be introduced to some pretty amazing stories and characters. And although the film isn’t expected to hit theaters until July 24, 2020 , I see no reason not to start speculating wildly about the possibilities for GREEN LANTERN CORPS. Ah, but what if you’re...
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Rumor: Dwayne Johnson to play John Stewart/Green Lantern for DC?

Ready for the first BATMAN VS SUPERMAN rumor of the new year? Peter Georgiou from Think McFly Think tweeted yesterday that the rumor circulating behind-the-scenes is Dwayne Johnson might be playing John Stewart/Green Lantern for DC and Warner Bros. A few days ago Johnson tweeted that he had a meeting with the two companies, but nothing else was revealed. Although BATMAN VS...
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