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Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: Back To The Future, Doom, Sharknado

Some cliche somewhere said that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' This has proven to be the case for me and especially when it comes to fan art. I have always sought out great fan art and have wanted to share it with as many people as possible. "Awesome Artwork We've Found Around The Net" is the outlet for that passion. In this column I will showcase the kick-ass...
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Nobody f**ks with the Jesus in first look at John Turturro's Going Places

It's been close to twenty years since Jesus Quintana ( John Turturro ) first brought his own particular brand of ball-shining craziness to Joel and Ethan Coen 's THE BIG LEBOWSKI, and the character is set to return in GOING PLACES, an upcoming film which has been written and directed by Turturro himself. In addition to serving as a BIG LEBOWSKI spin-off, the flick is also a...
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Transformers: The Last Knight wraps U.K. shoot, teaser coming by December

Beyond enjoying the first TRANSFORMERS flick a little more than I expected to, I really don't have all that much love for the rest of the TRANSFORMERS franchise. Obviously a great many people around the world care quite a bit more about the battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons than I do, as the franchise has pulled in some serious money at the box-office over the...
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Review: Hands of Stone

PLOT: The rollercoaster life of Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran includes rising up from the streets of Panama to become one of the greatest fighters of his time, his friendship with trainer Ray Arcel and his rivalry with American showboat Sugar Ray Leonard. REVIEW: Roberto Duran is such a dynamic, fascinating figure, it's hard to believe it took this long to bring his...
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JoBlo Movie Trivia Quiz: Robert De Niro

Welcome to JoBlo's Intense Movie Trivia Quizzes! With Robert De Niro returning to the world of boxing in the upcoming HANDS OF STONE, there's no better time than the present to look back at an actor who has played some of the toughest characters in the history of cinema. Travis Bickle, Vito Corleone, Jake LaMotta, James Conway, and that's just to name a few, all great...
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We Interview Edgar Ramirez and Usher Raymond IV for Hands of Stone!

Edgar Ramirez is a terrific actor. In his latest, he portrays the controversial boxer Roberto Duran and he is absolutely fantastic. HANDS OF STONE tells the story of Duran and the relationship he had with his trainer, Ray Arcel ( Robert De Niro ), as well as his professional relationship with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard - played by Usher Raymond IV. We recently spoke to both...
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Boxing legends get to work in this red-band trailer for Hands of Stone

HANDS OF STONE follows the life of Roberto Duran ( Edgar Ramirez ), who made his professional debut in 1968 and in June 1980, defeated Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher) to capture the WBC welterweight title. He then went on to shock the boxing world during the following rematch . . . but I won't spoil that for you! Check out the following red-band trailer to see some of the action!...
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Matt Damon says there's an idea for a second round of Rounders

Ah nostalgia, you have given us everything from the uber-hit JURASSIC WORLD, to the uber-duds INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE, DUMB AND DUMBER TOO and ZOOLANDER 2. It seems there's no end to the marketable idea behind tugging at our childhood heartstrings, trying to convince us the 90’s were the pinnacle of human civilization. Pray tell, what could be the newest entry into this...
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HBO gives you a slightly longer taste of their limited series The Night Of

It's been a slow burn of promotional material for HBO as they've tried building interest for their limited series THE NIGHT OF, which premieres in mid-July on the cable network. We've gotten the slightest of glimpses at what the series is about, but, in typical teaser fashion, it's been enough to pique one's curiosity. Clearly something went wrong one night between...
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Manos de Piedra get trained in first teaser for Hands of Stone

Any boxing fan worth their salt knows about Roberto Duran. Widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the sport's history, Duran held world titles in four different weight classes... but it was his series of fights against Sugar Ray Leonard that has forever defined his career. Later this summer, a biopic of Duran's life and career is set for release from The...
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Transformers spin-off focusing on Bumblebee set for 2018

We're on the verge of experiencing a flood of TRANSFORMERS films whether we like it or not; last year Paramount and Hasbro put together a TRANSFORMERS writers room in order to chart out the future of the franchise, which would include more sequels, spin-offs, and everything in between. Just this morning Paramount announced release dates for three TRANSFORMERS films which will keep...
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Paramount sets release dates for the next three Transformers films

Up until now, the general wait for a new TRANSFORMERS movie has been about 2-3 years. Given the insane amounts of money they bring in, this may come as no surprise, but Paramount Pictures is immediately stepping up their TRANSFORMERS game. They have issued a release date, not only for TRANSFORMERS 5, but for 6 and 7 as well. Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg will be back for...
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