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Roseanne Barr, John Goodman & more to return for a TV revival of Roseanne

It's like we're living in some sort of TV revival wonderland. Over the past few years we've seen shows like The X-Files, Full House, Prison Break, Gilmore Girls and more return to our screens, with many others on the way. Not all of them have been worthy of a resurrection, but that certainly hasn't stopped the revival train from moving forward. The latest series...
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Review: Rings

PLOT: A young woman finds that her boyfriend has joined a secret club that watches the fabled cursed video tape of Samara Morgan. Once again, the ghost is unleashed, killing people who watch the tape within seven days. REVIEW: As appetizing as a cup of moldy well water, F. Javier Gutierrez 's RINGS wears the signs of a movie that is both overcooked and misconceived. The film...
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Top 10 Threequels of All Time

Third films in franchises rarely get any credit because sequels unfortunately don't always live up to their predecessors. Often the third movie gets a bad rap because what the filmmakers tried to do with the second film could not be replicated in the third. But, in rare occassions, the third film can be better than the movies that came before it. Here is our ranking of the best threequels of...
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You can't escape her; check out the first three minutes of Rings

The long-delayed sequel to Gore Verbinski 's THE RING was originally slated to debut in 2015, but Paramount wound up pulling the film from their schedule and later pushed the release back a total of three times. We won't have long to wait to see if those delays are any indication of the movie's quality, as F. Javier Gutiérrez's RINGS is finally set to hit...
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Cool Videos: Rings antagonist, Samara, pranks electronic store costumers

Do you remember that time that the Silvia Santos Program, in promotion stunt for the release of THE CURSE OF CHUCKY, set up a few hidden cameras at a bus stop in Brazil and terrorized a series of innocent bystanders? Well, it looks as if Paramount Pictures is doing something similar in preparation for their upcoming horror film RINGS. In what is surely a cruel but hilarious...
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Samara has returned in a creepy new trailer for Rings

By my calculations, it was only two days ago when Samara appeared in a new poster for F. Javier Gutierrez 's RINGS. This is giving me a cause for concern, seeing as it’s supposed to take a total of 7 days for her to arrive in all of her pale, crab-crawling glory. Welp, it appears as if she’s broken her own set of rules, because today, Samara has arrived in the latest...
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Samara warns that she does not forget in new poster for Rings

Back in the 80s, it felt as if Horror film icons were cementing themselves into pop culture at a breakneck pace. It used to be that you couldn’t look at a goalie without thinking of Jason Voorhees, order a pizza without imagining the meatballs as tiny, screaming heads as prepared by Freddy Krueger, or cringe at the lifeless stare of a My Buddy doll without the fear of it going all...
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Rings moves from Halloween to Valentine's Day; Friday the 13th pushed back

Ah, the month of February! Love is in the air, flowers are starting to bloom and chocolate flows in the rivers. It's the perfect time for romance, merrymaking and SCARING THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR LOVED ONES. Oh yeah, February, you got a new visitor coming your way. Yes, Paramount has announced (via Variety ) that the franchise reboot, RINGS, has just been pushed from the seemingly...
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First Rings trailer is horrifying for all the wrong reasons

Sometimes, dead is better. This saying is important to remember for people not only wishing to go messing around in a pet cemetery, but also for anyone trying to reboot something just for the hell of it. I know nostalgia has a huge influence nowadays, and that the 90’s and early 00’s were just the bee's knees, but that doesn’t mean everything from those times...
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New release dates for Richard Linklater's Everybody Wants Some & Rings

Paramount has shifted the release dates for a couple of its upcoming movies. First up is Richard Linklater 's EVERYBODY WANTS SOME, which will now see a limited release on April 1, 2016 before expanding over the following two weeks, instead of just going wide on April 15th as originally planned. Linklater's latest directorial effort will follow "a group of college...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Top 10 Christmas Vacation Moments

It's that time of the season! Time to revisit your old Christmas classics and one of the best of the bunch is 1989's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo as the famed Griswold family, doing everything they can to make a special, old-fashioned family Christmas in the face of one disaster after another. There are tons of great...
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F. Javier Gutierrez's The Ring threequel Rings pushed back to next year

F. Javier Gutierrez 's RINGS, the third installment of THE RING franchise, was all set to scare up theaters next month , however Variety has learned that Paramount has pushed back the film's release to next year. A new release date hasn't been announced yet, but it will likely be in theaters in the first quarter of 2016, and will no longer open against the Brad Pitt...
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