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We Talk Baby Driver, Cars and Music with Edgar Wright, Lily James and more!

For many, including myself, when Edgar Wright releases a new film it is cause for celebration. And yes, the hype is real regarding his latest feature. BABY DRIVER is exactly what I was hoping for, a fast paced flick with humor and a ton of incredible car sequences. This is part action movie, part crime thriller and yes, kind of a musical. Not in the traditional sense mind you,...
2 days ago
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Review: Baby Driver

PLOT: A young getaway driver’s ( Ansel Elgort ) plan to extricate himself from the control of a criminal mastermind ( Kevin Spacey ) goes awry when sent on one last brutal job. REVIEW: In a movie like BABY DRIVER, style is everything. Edgar Wright ’s first real stab at a crime flick (does HOT FUZZ count?) doesn’t break any new ground narratively -...
6 days ago
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The cast of Baby Driver exude coolness in new character posters

Thanks to that whole ANT-MAN debacle taking up much of Edgar Wright 's time over the past few years (which made it all the more heart-breaking when he departed the project), it's been nearly four years since an Edgar Wright film last graced our screens, but the release of BABY DRIVER is thankfully nearly upon us. The high-octane, action-thriller stars Ansel Elgort as a near...
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Isla Fisher signs on to play Tag with Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm

We've all played tag in our youth, but I doubt that many of us would keep the game going for decades. New Line is assembling an all-star cast for TAG, an upcoming comedy which revolves around a group of friends who did just that, and THR has reported that Isla Fisher is the latest to join up. TAG is actually based on a real-life story which was featured in the Wall Street...
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Jon Hamm to join Jeremy Renner & Ed Helms for Tag comedy

Oh man, I remember playing tag with my neighborhood friends while growing up. Those were some good times. Except for that one time when this kid that lived at the end of my block, Sean, threw a fistful of acorns at my face in an effort to escape my speedy wrath. I chased his skinny ass all the way home and caught him right before he was able to make it through his front door and...
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New poster for Edgar Wright's Baby Driver places cast in the drivers seat

It's almost time for the plenty-of-style-and-sass director Edgar Wright to unleash his latest directorial effort, BABY DRIVER. Today, the high-octane, action-thriller is burning rubber across the internet with a boldly-colored and brand-new poster featuring the film's cast. You can check it out for yourself right here: BABY DRIVER, starring Ansel Elgort ,...
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New TV spot for Edgar Wright's Baby Driver scored to Mozart

I think it's safe to say that most of us are fans of director Edgar Wright . From his successful collaboration with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on the "Cornetto Trilogy" of films (SHAUN OF THE DAD, HOT FUZZ, AT WORLD'S END), to his underrated SCOTT PILGRIM, he has definitely carved out a nice genre niche. Now he's trying his hand at a heist film (in fact, the...
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New Baby Driver trailer is all about money, sex & action

Edgar Wright returns this year with an original piece of work that promises to be a cavalcade of stylish action, Wrightian wit and toe-tapping music. About a young getaway driver ( Ansel Elgort ) who works to the beat of his IPod and is seeking a way out of crime life when he meets a lovely girl ( Lily James ), BABY DRIVER will be this year’s DRIVE, except BABY manages to crack...
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Baby Driver races forward from August to June

Everyone here at JoBlo is excited for huge upcoming movies, like BLADE RUNNER 2049 and STAR WARS, but as cited on our video list earlier this year we’re also pumped for Edgar Wright ’s upcoming film, BABY DRIVER. About a getaway driver who works to the beat of his own, personal soundtrack, the first trailer dropped and resulted in much laughter and messy excitement. For...
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Edgar Wright discusses Baby Driver and reveals its origins

Before THE WORLDS END, before HOT FUZZ and before SHAUN OF THE DEAD, there was BABY DRIVER, or at least the beginnings of it. It's been four years since our last Edgar Wright film, but, after the unfortunate business with ANT-MAN, it feels as though it's been much longer. We're still a few months out from the release of BABY DRIVER, but the film recently had its premiere...
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Cool Videos: Baby Driver/Drive mash-up, Baby Drive, is too perfect for words

This weekend we got the first footage from Edgar Wright ’s newest original film, BABY DRIVER. The footage was hilarious, slick and wildly entertaining, and the movie has already shown at South by Southwest and has been met with rave responses agreeing the whole movie is all that and more. But BABY isn’t the only cool movie about a getaway driver we have, lest we forget...
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Two new trailers for Edgar Wright's Baby Driver groove their way online!

It's finally here, folks! It's been three years since SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT, FUZZ and SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD director   Edgar Wright capped off his Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy with the release of THE WORLD'S END, and now the style-for-days director is back with a bounce in his step and a song pumping through his veins with the upcoming release...
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