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Kingsman's Sofia Boutella in talks to become The Mummy

Looks like we're going to get that female lead villain for THE MUMMY after all. Sofia Boutella , who made her mark as the villainous henchman in KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, is in talks to take the title role in Alex Kurtzman 's reboot of THE MUMMY, confirming rumors of a different gender for the baddie in the new film that had swept across the internet the past few...
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Rachel McAdams to join Keanu Reeves in sci-fi romance Passengers

Ready to see Keanu Reeves take on another sci-fi flick? Is it a bonus that Rachel McAdams will be the leading lady? Yes. More like triple bonus. The film in question titled PASSENGERS ignited a huge bidding war during Cannes last year. Needless to say, The Weinstein Company nabbed it and are hot on the heels GRAVITY's success to get it going. Originally it was shopped with...
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