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Exclusive: Pacific Rim: Uprising director talks franchise expansion & future

As you are no doubt aware, the second day of New York City Comic-Con is in full-swing, and that means that lots of news about upcoming films is bound to be making the rounds. Earlier today, a bombastic new trailer  (seen below) for PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING was unleashed upon the world, and now, we've got an exclusive tidbit to share with you all concerning the future of the...
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Jaegers & Kaijus go at it in first Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer

The first trailer for PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING is finally here, and you thought to yourself, “All I need to see are giant robots, giant monsters, and both of them smashing through stuff in an immense capacity,” then prepared to be very satisfied. The new movie sees John Boyega leading a new team of Jaeger pilots as they face an even greater brand of Kaiju than in the first...
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The Jaegers are ready for battle in new Pacific Rim 2 images

This is a big week for PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING, with a plot synopsis being revealed and a new trailer coming at New York Comic Con. Now we have a new present for you in the form of some sweet new images of the movie (courtesy of EW), which gives us a look at the new cast of characters, played by the likes of John Boyega , Scott Eastwood , and newcomer Cailee Spaeny. Oh, and what would...
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Pacific Rim: Uprising synopsis released ahead of NYCC trailer

The first PACIFIC RIM movie has become a genre favorite over the years, and next year we will finally get a sequel – PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING – after five years of waiting. When it comes to giant robots bashing giant monsters that wait can feel like an eternity, so the sooner this thing comes the better. The movie will get its first full trailer this week when it debuts at New...
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New Pacific Rim Uprising poster shows off star John Boyega

PACIFIC RIM was a film I was for sure wouldn't get a sequel. It was too niche for how expensive it was, and the critical and financial take wasn't anything to write home about. In fact, although there were many things I did indeed love about it (using a cruise ship as a baseball bat, rocket-punches, deus-ex anime sword), I also thought it was lacking. Too many fights in the dark...
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The UnPopular Opinion: The Mummy (2017)

THE UNPOPULAR OPINION is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATHED. We're hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Enjoy! ****SOME SPOILERS ENSUE**** In hindsight, the summer movie season of 2017 will go...
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Exclusive: The Mummy featurette has Tom Cruise talk about his castmates

Universal has released an exclusive featurette from THE MUMMY, which features director Alex Kurtzman interviewing star Tom Cruise about his fellow cast members. They talk about the mesmerizing presence of Sofia Boutella (a highlight of the film for sure) and the unexpected comedic timing of the other female lead Annabelle Wallis . Despite whatever you personally feel about the...
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Easter Egg Countdown: Doctor Strange (video)

Welcome back to another episode of Easter Egg Countdown! This time we get weird...well, we get Strange...DOCTOR STRANGE that is! Ah, you knew I was gonna do that, didn't you? Anyway, Marvel's first big-screen adaptation of the Sorcerer Supreme from director Scott Derrickson and starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the title character was a sweeping success, as is par for the...
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Jennifer Lawrence reflects on harsh Passengers criticism

Last December's PASSENGERS with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt hoped to be the modern answer to TITANIC with a story that focused on two literally star-crossed lovers on journey of romance and survival. The movie made a fair amount at the box office, but was met with harsh reviews that labeled the movie as “creepy” and a “two-hour exhibit of sci-fi Stockholm...
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Pacific Rim: Uprising pushed back one month

After years of waiting for a sequel to the robot-monster-smashing film PACIFIC RIM the sequel, PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING, is only a few short months away from hitting the big screen. However, as reported by Deadline, that “few short months” has just been extended by one full month, and now the movie is being released March 23, 2018. The original date for the movie was...
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Channing Tatum reportedly being sought for Van Helsing in Dark Universe film

THE MUMMY may have failed to make the kind of money Universal was hoping, but they’re still moving forward with their plans for the DARK UNIVERSE. They already have their massive cast lined-up, including Javier Bardem , Johnny Depp , Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe , and if a new report is to be believed one more Hollywood all-star could join the list soon. In a report from...
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Report says The Mummy could lose as much as $95 million

The beginning of Universal’s Dark Universe arrived almost two weeks ago with THE MUMMY, and what should’ve been a grand entrance was more a defeated limp through the doorway. Receiving a critical beat down from critics and audiences the movie opened well below expectations in the U.S. – despite a big opening globally. But those global dollars probably won’t save...
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