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Dark Skies' Jake Brennan to star in live-action Richie Rich Netflix series

The Wrap has learned Netflix has ordered 21 episodes of a live-action Richie Rich series produced by AwesomenessTV. DARK SKIES actor Jake Brennan will play "the poor little rich boy" in the half-hour comedy series, and it will also star Joshua Carlon ( Sam & Cat ), Jenna Ortega (INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2), Lauren Taylor , Kiff VandenHeuvel (BEHIND THE CANDELABRA)...
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Review: Dark Skies

PLOT : The Barrett family is struggling to make ends meet. After Daniel Barrett is laid off, his wife Lacy struggles to bring in enough income to keep them out of debt. Things only get worse when strange occurrences begin to happen in the dark hours of the night affecting their relationship with their children. Is something other worldly visiting them while they sleep? Where is Mulder...
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The trailer for Dark Skies looks like Insidious with aliens instead of demons

With a glut of demon and haunted house movies out there, producers are always looking for a way to capitalize on a genre and try and keep it fresh. Blumhouse Productions, who have brought us SINISTER, INSIDIOUS, and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, are keeping the haunted house asthetic, but changing the source of the torment. DARK SKIES, as you can probably guess from the title, has aliens as...
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