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Matt Damon talks about returning to Jason Bourne in this featurette

2015 was chock-full of spy flicks, and while 2016 doesn't have as many, I think JASON BOURNE will prove that it won't need to. Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass have finally reunited to further the adventures of the titular character and if you thought this film looked like the biggest BOURNE movie yet, you're not the only one who thinks so! Check out a short,...
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Matt Damon is back in action in full trailer for Jason Bourne

Well, we thought it may never happen, but Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass have reuinited for JASON BOURNE, the 4th film in the series featuring Damon (not counting THE BOURNE LEGACY with Jeremy Renner ) in the role of the former spy with amnesia turned badass-on-the-run. Those looking for all the fast-paced chases, brutal fights, and crafty getaways, look no further...JASON BOURNE...
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Cinemacon 2016: Universal Pictures unveils peeks of Jason Bourne and more!

Universal Pictures brought some cool and interesting projects to their Cinemacon presentation, including peeks at upcoming flicks like JASON BOURNE, WARCRAFT, and THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, as well as a heap of new announcements for their animated, wing Illumination. We also got some extended footage peeks for both THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS and SING, so plenty to dig into....
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Matt Damon says Jason Bourne's identity journey will conclude in new film

Our first real look at JASON BOURNE arrived just a day ago during the Super Bowl and I have to say, I'm officially back on-board the Jason Bourne train. The last time we saw Jason Bourne ( Matt Damon ) in THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, he'd discovered his true identity, exposed Operation Blackbriar, and escaped from from those out to kill him. At the time, both Matt Damon and Paul...
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Matt Damon comes out of the shadows in the poster for Jason Bourne

After THE BOURNE LEGACY failed to fire audiences up like the previous entries, Universal Pictures hit up Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass once more in hopes that they'd want to return to the universe that they helped to build. Fortunately for us, they said, "Yes!" Yesterday's Superbowl brought us the first TV spot for the upcoming JASON BOURNE, and now we have the...
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Matt Damon offers up more details and a major set piece from Bourne 5

The Bourne series built an action star out of Matt Damon ...which seems like a no-brainer now, but back when THE BOURNE IDENTITY came out, that casting choice was a bit of a head-scratcher. In any case, the series tried to carry on without Damon and that just didn't quite work. This time around, we have both Damon and director Paul Greengrass back, so expectations are up...
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Star Wars: Rogue One's Riz Ahmed joins Matt Damon for Bourne 5

After being introduced to Riz Ahmed in the excellent NIGHTCRAWLER, I knew that I'd have to watch out for him in future films. Ahmed's star is definitely rising, as he will be appearing in ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, and now Variety reports that he has landed a key role in the upcoming BOURNE 5 as well. As production on BOURNE 5 is already underway, Riz Ahmed is...
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Matt Damon teases Jason Bourne's journey of discovery in Bourne 5

Over the course of THE BOURNE IDENTITY, THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, and THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, we discovered just who Jason Bourne ( Matt Damon ) was, what he had done, and what he wanted; but by the time BOURNE 5 rolls around, we'll have a whole new set of Jason Bourne questions to ponder. Matt Damon is currently in the midst of shooting BOURNE 5 and he spoke with the New York Daily...
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Casting News: Ato Essandoh joins Bourne 5; Conjuring 2 adds Frances O'Connor

I've got a couple of casting announcements for you this morning. There's no word on who he will be playing, but The Wrap is reporting that Vinyl and Elementary actor Ato Essandoh has been cast in BOURNE 5, joining Matt Damon , Alicia Vikander , Tommy Lee Jones, Vincent Cassel and Julia Stiles . Essandoh's other television credits include turns on Girls, Blue Bloods...
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Matt Damon prepares to kick some ass in our first look at Bourne 5

I never expected, nor needed, Matt Damon to return to the character of Jason Bourne, after THE BOURNE IDENTITY, THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, and THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, it felt as though Bourne's story had been told; but that's not how Hollywood works so after the lackluster reception that the Matt Damon -less BOURNE LEGACY received, Matt Damon has returned to get the franchise back...
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Vincent Cassel attempts to be Matt Damon's match as new Bourne bad guy

Were you being kept up every night, consumed with the uncertainty of who might be stepping into the villainous role for the as-yet-untitled fifth Jason Bourne movie? Then celebrate the good night of sleep you will finally have now that we have news of the new Bourne bad guy. Vincent Cassel , known as the antagonist in OCEAN'S TWELVE (oh, the Night Fox) as well as not-so-nice a...
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Matt Damon talks "post-Snowden world" set Bourne 5

Plot details have been scarce ever since BOURNE 5 was announced, but while promoting his new movie THE MARTIAN , star Matt Damon shed some light on the upcoming film. Damon tells Buzzfeed he feels that the previous films were about the George W. Bush presidency, and that the next entry is set in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations. Snowden, as most of you probably already...
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