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Review: Monsters University

PLOT: Ten years before MONSTERS INC., Mike ( Billy Crystal ) and Sulley ( John Goodman ) are freshmen at Monsters University, enrolled in the “scare” program. After they flunk out, their only hope of readmission is to win the university “Scare Games” for which they’re paired up with the geekiest fraternity on campus, Oozma Kappa. REVIEW: Could it be that Pixar has...
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Final trailer for Disney/Pixar's Monsters University gets the scare party started

The final trailer for the MONSTERS INC. prequel, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, has arrived and it delivers all the humor, antics, and fun-filled adventure you've come to expect from team Disney/Pixar. It may not be the sequel you wanted this summer, but damned if it doesn't look like it'll be a fun time regardless. Following the exploits of young Mike Wazowski ( Billy Crystal ) and Sully (...
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Disney and Pixar release their planned animated outing schedule through 2018

There's a lot of love (and hate) for Disney and Pixar's animated films, and it looks like the studios are filling up their slate for the next five years, laying out the schedule for their planned releases, broken down with each respective studio and the projected release date. We already know what's in store for 2013 - 2015, with MONSTERS UNIVERSITY being the first one out...
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New "acceptance" TV spot and "initiation" clip from Monsters University

The Monsters are back (to school) this month and today we have a look at the varied beasts from MONSTERS UNIVERSITY receiving their acceptance letters in a new TV spot, as well as a clip that highlights an initiation gone...awkward. Pretty much if your mom has ever ruined anything for you then this is an easy one to relate to. Although it may not be the sequel we really want to see from...
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Mike and Sully do some hard college partying in this new trailer and clip for Monsters University

Rather coincidentally before news of a new trailer and clip for MONSTERS UNIVERSITY came up on my feed, I was actually watching MONSTERS INC. It's that kind of day I suppose. The latest trailer shows more partying and less studying for the monsters. Are they waiting for the drop? Wait for it...wait for it...and BOOM! I believe that's also a scare tactic. Mike and Sully gotta have a...
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Director Dan Scanlon explains how a continuity issue will be solved in Monsters University

Recently, I rewatched MONSTERS INC. as soon as it was over something dawned on me-- Did Mike say that he and Sully were in grade school together? So how is it possible that they met for the very first time in college, which is what the story of MONSTERS UNIVERSITY tells us. Do you remember the line? " You've been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade, pal!...
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Disney enrolls a new trailer for Pixar's Monster's University with John Goodman and Billy Crystal

Disney has dropped another new trailer for MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, the prequel to MONSTERS, INC., which follows the college days of one-eyed monster (natch), Mike Wazowsky ( Billy Crystal ) and Sullivan ( John Goodman ) as they learn to scare the living shit out of kids all around the world and forge the bond of friendship that defines the duo. Get to class: Despite all...
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New character posters and school ID's for Monsters University are here

Today, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, the prequel to MONSTERS, INC., starring Billy Crystal and John Goodman as the comedic duo of Mike Wazowsky and James P. Sullivan,  dropped a ton of character posters and "school ID's" for your viewing pleasure, all of which highlight the garden variety of monsters you've come to know and love, only much smaller and younger.  The posters are about what you'd...
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Enroll in the full trailer for Pixar's Monster's University, starring John Goodman and Billy Crystal

The full trailer for Pixar's MONSTERS UNIVERSITY has arrived and it's about what you'd expect; playful, witty, and chock full of a garden variety of monsters.  It's not life changing or anything and I doubt this will set your desire to see it on fire, but it's perfectly in line with your standard Pixar fare.  Is that enough, though?  After last year's "original" film,...
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Pixar tries for a more realistic animation style in this clip for the new short film The Blue Umbrella

Whether you love Pixar or not, you have to admit they are the name to beat when it comes to feature animation. While the Pixar team expands little by little beyond the original group of directors, young up and comers are still given an opportunity to try their hand at originality with short films attached to the theatrical releases each year. Some of these shorts are downright fantastic...
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Get serious about your monster education in this Rose Bowl TV spot for Monsters University

2012 saw a nice batch of animated features and 2013 is showing no signs of slowing down.  I'm not quite sold on the crop just yet, but there's a few that stand out.  One of them is MONSTERS UNIVERSITY.  Now, I know there are some moans and groans about a prequel to MONSTERS, INC. over a new, original Pixar film, but obviously they've got plenty of those in the works, which...
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Two new stills from Monsters University show off the colorful characters we can hope to see

It's not like Pixar has ever really made an unattractive or bland movie, but they seem to be pushing as hard as they can in the opposite direction just to be safe. No matter what you thought of the movie itself, I think it's safe to say we all agree that BRAVE was achingly, stunningly, unfairly beautiful. Especially if you've ever seen the Blu-ray version played on a large hi-def...
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