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Kristen Stewart says she is still "endlessly f*cking proud" of Twilight

There are more than likely no hardcore fans of TWILIGHT out there amongst our readers but I would venture to guess who do have our fair share of haters of the vampire romance series. After half a decade of films, we finally got a year with no TWILIGHT film hitting screens, but we probably will never fully escape the shadow of the box office behemoth that begot FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Movie CliffsNotes - Twilight!

The latest installment of Movie CliffsNotes ventures into the young adult section with the infamous TWILIGHT, starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Known as the film that kicked off the whole craze for YA films, TWILIGHT has since been revered for it's showcase of awkward acting, cheesy dialogue, and ludicrous story, which makes it all the more fun to break down into a bare...
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Lionsgate is developing five short films based on Twilight characters

After five films, you would have thought you could escape the melodramatic tripe that was TWILIGHT, but here comes a new contest from Lionsgate to create new tales rooted in the vampire/werewolf universe. Coming from a collaborative contest involving Facebook, crowd-sourcing site Tongal, the Women in Film organization, and a panel of judges including TWILIGHT creator Stephanie Meyer,...
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Review: Revenge of the Green Dragons (TIFF 2014)

PLOT: In the late-eighties/early nineties, a violent gang of Chinese immigrants take the NYC underworld by storm, building up an empire focused on drug smuggling and human trafficking. REVIEW: REVENGE OF THE GREEN DRAGONS is one of the few TIFF movies that for me has not lived up to my expectations. While his first American movie, THE FLOCK, wasn't any...
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Trailer for the Martin Scorsese produced Revenge of the Green Dragons

The first trailer and poster for directors Andrew Lau and Andrew Loo’s REVENGE OF THE GREEN DRAGONS have landed and you should definitely check them out. Martin Scorsese lends his executive producing power to the film which is directly inspired by tales of ’80s and ’90s Asian-American gangs in New York. Scorsese finally got his long overdue Best Director Oscar...
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The author of Twilight no longer likes Twilight

I think it's no surprised that the majority of our readers were counting down the days of when the TWILIGHT franchise ended. There were so many things wrong with the material but there's no point in taking time to explain each flaw. However, no one seemed to hate TWILIGHT more than Edward Cullen himself, Robert Pattinson . He's gone on record to say more than a few hilarious...
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The Price of Foreign Funding: Why 21 And Over will be a very different film for Chinese audiences

I don't think anyone is anticipating an emotional coming-of-age drama from this week's 21 AND OVER, starring Miles Teller , Skylar Astin , and Justin Chon .  Far from it.  Coming from the creators of THE HANGOVER, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore , there's little doubt that this college-age version will amount to much more than some raunchy humor and drunken stupidity.  And,...
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Review: 21 and Over

PLOT: On his 21st birthday, Jeff Chang ( Justin Chon ) is surprised by his long-estranged best friends from high-school, the uptight Casey ( Skylar Astin ) and the laid-back, easygoing Miller ( Miles Teller ). The two take him out for a night of drinking, with the promise that they'll have him home, safe and sound, for an early night of rest so he can nail his...
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New trailer for 21 and Over, from the writers of The Hangover, want you to get your Jeff Chang on

From writer/directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore , the duo behind THE HANGOVER and many other raucous comedies, comes another entry into the wild teen party genre with 21 AND OVER.  This new trailer for the film puts the focus squarely on Jeff Chang ( Justin Chon ), who seems to be the punchline of the whole thing.  His two "friends" ( Skylar Astin , Miles Teller ) seemingly...
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The trailer for 21 and Over is here; Rejoice if you must

Call me a crusty old curmudgeon, but the new trailer for 21 AND OVER looks so washed over and played out that it may actually be HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE, PROJECT X, and all the AMERICAN PIE straight-to-video sequels spliced together. I'm not sure I saw one frame of new footage. Regardless, there's an audience for these "crazy young kids living it up by tearing everything down"...
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Cool Videos: Twilight meets bad lip reading in the funniest video you will watch today

I am going to start this post off with the following disclaimer: I am not a TWILIGHT fan in any way. I think they are bad books and even worse movies. I have no desire to see the upcoming final film nor do I understand the appeal of the characters. I agree with Paul Shirey that vampires are meant to be scary, not wussy hipsters who drive Volvos . But, TWILIGHT does make for good...
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