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Top 10 Sex Comedies of All Time (Video Edition)

Jake Kasdan's SEX TAPE hits theaters today and looks to be another in a long line of raunchy sex comedies. Comedy has always relied on sex to make funny jokes because what could be more hilarious than dicks and boobies? That being said, there are some films that are much better than the rest. Here is our list of the ten best sex comedies of all time. Now, before you get your panties in a...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Sex Tape Star Ellie Kemper!

Ellie Kemper is absolutely delightful. From her work in “The Office” to feature films such as 21 JUMP STREET and especially BRIDESMAIDS, she makes me smile every damn time she is on screen. In her latest feature SEX TAPE, she plays BFF to Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, who portray a married couple who’ve accidentally released their private video to nearly everybody they...
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Review: Sex Tape

PLOT: A married couple decides to make a sex tape in oder to spice up their lives, but disaster strikes after it is accidentally sent to several friends and family members. REVIEW: I smiled, I grinned, I might have even snickered a few times, but I never actually heartily laughed during SEX TAPE, the raunchy new comedy from Jake Kasdan starring Cameron Diaz and...
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Exclusive Interview: Sex Tape Stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel!

In the new comedy SEX TAPE, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel play a married couple facing serious embarrassment when their private video finds itself in the wrong hands. The two actors are certainly no stranger to R-rated humor. Diaz found a ton of dirty fun in THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY and BAD TEACHER. Segel shined while he was FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and dealing with THE...
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Cameron Diaz says she goes full frontal with Jason Segel in Sex Tape

Even if she hasn't made too many films worth watching in the last few years, Cameron Diaz is and always will be a hottie. Whether it be her debut in THE MASK, her underoos in CHARLIE'S ANGELS, or her sexpot turn in BAD TEACHER, Diaz has made a career out of being sexy. But, we have yet to see much aside from her having sex with the hood of a car in last year's THE COUNSELOR. While...
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Enter the sex dojo in the new red band trailer for Sex Tape

Every summer, in between blockbuster popcorn event flicks there is always some counter-programming for niche audiences. Whether it be kid's movies, romantic comedies/dramas, or the occassional horror movie, summer is not solely for action movies. While there are comedies that blend genres like 22 JUMP STREET, you also need your raunch and this year's entry is SEX TAPE. A new red band...
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Check out Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz in the red band trailer for Sex Tape

Director Jake Kasdan reeled me in with ORANGE COUNTY and WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY so naturally Iíd wanted to see whatever he signs on for. SEX TAPE is his latest directorial effort which boasts a cast including Jason Segel , Cameron Diaz , Rob Lowe , Ellie Kemper , and Rob Corddry . The first trailer will drop during the series finale of Segelís HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, but...
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New posters for Sex Tape and The Maze Runner

Do you want to see a SEX TAPE or a MAZE RUNNER? Okay, I guess you donít need to answer that. Unless your immediate response was, ĒWhat does the Maze Runner look like?Ē To which I have to say that you will be a little disappointed. What Iím obviously referring to are the upcoming movies of the same titles. Sorry I donít have an actual sex tape. Iíll come better prepared next time. SEX...
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First look at Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz making a Sex Tape

Normally, hearing the words SEX TAPE and Cameron Diaz would have me Googling like crazy, but instead of subjecting you all to that, why not just take a look at the first image above from the movie SEX TAPE, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel . Previously titled BASIC MATH, SEX TAPE is a comedy from Jake Kasdan who directed Diaz and Segel in the utterly forgettable BAD TEACHER....
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