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JoBlo.com Joins Guillermo del Toro and Jorge Gutierrez for The Book Of Life!

Itís exciting for me as a viewer to see Guillermo del Toro lend his name and talents to animated fare. We saw that spark with 2012ís RISE OF THE GUARDIANS and this coming October he is bringing the magic and wonder of the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead to life, thanks to the creative vision of director Jorge Gutierrez in his feature film debut. THE BOOK OF LIFE stars Diego Luna as...
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WTF news: Red-band trailer for K-11, a violent transgender prison flick directed by...Kristen Stewart's mom?

Your mom directed that movie!  So, in some really odd news, it turns out that Kristen Stewart s mom is not only a director, but one that made a movie called K-11, about a man trapped in a secret section of the L.A. jail system that houses gay and transgendered bad boys/girls.  So, yeah.  The pic stars Goran Visnjic as the trapped man locked up in the secret jail who...
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