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Review: Morgan

PLOT: A corporate troubleshooter ( Kate Mara ) is called to a remote laboratory after a genetically engineered specimen (Anna Taylor-Joy of THE WITCH) violently lashes-out at one of her creators. REVIEW: MORGAN is a solid studio debut for director Luke Scott , the latest in a long-directorial dynasty that includes his father Ridley, his uncle – the late Tony Scott ,...
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We Interview Anya Taylor-Joy, Kate Mara & Luke Scott about Morgan!

The feature film debut from Luke Scott - son of Ridley - is a unique and fascinating bit of science fiction and horror. This is an impressive creation from Scott, one that offers up an incredible cast. You have both Anya Taylor-Joy and Kate Mara , with terrific support from Toby Jones , Boyd Holbrook , Michelle Yeoh , Brian Cox , Jennifer Jason Leigh and...
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Real robots watching the Morgan trailer is creepier than the actual trailer

Luke Scott 's MORGAN looks like a healthy mix of EX MACHINA and ALIEN, featuring a genetically engineered human who seemingly goes on a murderous rampage. The trailers thus far have done an admirable job creeping out audiences, but this latest one tops them all. In this unique reaction video, two of the world's most advanced robots watch the first trailer for MORGAN. Yeah, I...
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Kate Mara would be "really happy" to do a sequel to Fantastic Four

When a disaster strikes that's so massive and destructive it’s hard to rebuild. Take a look at what hurricanes and tornadoes do to cities, causing irreparable damage. Many would say that 2015’s FANTASTIC FOUR was a catastrophe on par with such natural disasters, to the point where it seems useless to rebuild. But that still isn’t stopping the film's star,...
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Morgan is feeling much better in latest trailer for the Luke Scott film

When your super-human laboratory experiment throws a tantrum which leaves a colleague grievously injured, what's to be done? That's the question facing the characters in MORGAN, the upcoming feature-film debut of Ridley Scott 's son Luke Scott . With shades of ALIEN and EX MACHINA, the sci-fi/thriller has looked quite promising on top of boasting a great cast which...
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One of Fantastic Four's many writers reveals his original plans for the film

It's now been over a year since Josh Trank 's FANTASTIC FOUR arrived in theaters and completely self destructed, but for whatever reason we just can't stop talking about the film and speculating on why it was such a mess. ScreenCrush recently examined the film to analyze just what went wrong with FANTASTIC FOUR and were able to get Jeremy Slater , one of the three...
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Exclusive: Miles Teller talks more Fantastic Four & critical impact

Yesterday, Eric Walkuski sat down to talk to Miles Teller about his latest film, WAR DOGS, from director Todd Phillips, and asked the actor a few questions in regards to a film he was promoting at this time last year; FANTASTIC FOUR. For those that need a recap, FANTASTIC FOUR, the Fox-produced adaptation of the Marvel property directed by Josh Trank, ended up being savaged by critics...
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Science breeds a horrific being in the new trailer for Morgan

Last month we saw the first trailer for Luke Scott 's (son of Ridley Scott ) MORGAN, which tells the tale of a corporate risk-management consultant ( Kate Mara ) who has to decide whether or not to terminate an artificial being's life that was made in a laboratory environment. While the first trailer looked to mash up the ethical quandaries of EX MACHINA with the scares of...
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Toby Kebbell wishes you could see Josh Trank's real cut of Fantastic Four

Last summer, Josh Trank 's FANTASTIC FOUR was the film stuck in everyone's crosshairs. Many fans emphatically declared that the film would be terrible before they ever saw it, mostly due to a leaked set pic of Doctor Doom that formed their early opinions, and the studio began hedging their bets in trying to rearrange the movie into something much different from the initial...
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Simon Kinberg on what he believes to be the failures of Fantastic Four

When a film bombs rather spectacularly, be it critically or commercially, there's a certain amount of obsession which follows as we attempt to figure just what went wrong. One of the bigger disappointments of the past few years was Josh Trank 's FANTASTIC FOUR, but I probably don't need to tell you that. The potential was there for something unique to happen, which is...
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Alien meets Ex Machina in the first trailer for Luke Scott's Morgan

MORGAN follows a corporate risk-management consultant who has to decide and determine whether or not to terminate an artificial being's life that was made in a laboratory environment. Certainly sounds familiar to a little film by the name of EX MACHINA, although MORGAN may have gorier results. Check out the teaser trailer featuring Kate Mara and Hydra favorite Toby Jones and decide...
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The Martian author Andy Weir developing new movie with Ridley Scott and Fox

Audiences really enjoyed Ridley Scott 's take on THE MARTIAN, and while this comes as no great surprise, the book is actually better. That's due, in no small part, to the literary stylings of Andy Weir. Weir crafted a book that was not only easy to comprehend (despite some intense science-ing), but also really relatable and funny. Fans of the book will find the following news...
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