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Harold Ramis' daughter on including a CG Egon Spengler in next Ghostbusters

We're entering a strange world, where deceased actors can be brought back through the magic of visual effects to take part in movies years, even decades, after their deaths. In the case of Paul Walker , who passed away in a tragic accident after already completing half of his work on FURIOUS 7, such measures are understandable, but resurrecting Peter Cushing to reprise his role...
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Review: Rough Night

PLOT: The fun times of a group of longtime friends who've gotten together for a bachelorette party in Miami come to an end when they must deal with a shocking accident. REVIEW: ROUGH NIGHT feels just like what it is: a watered down, studio-mandated version of a supremely promising movie. There's a really morbidly dark, funny movie living within it that itches to get...
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John Cena is a complex bull in new Ferdinand trailer

A great fear for any pet owner is the idea of losing their cuddly friend to the big, dangerous world filled with hawks and speeding motorists. We all like to think they’ll team up with other creatures they can secretly talk to for a colorful adventure so they can get back home to you. This is what happens in FERDINAND, the story of a harmless bull ( John Cena ) who works with his...
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Dan Aykroyd continues to lambaste Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot

Over the weekend, original Ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd , spoke unceremoniously on Sunday Brunch  about Paul Feig 's female-led GHOSTBUSTERS reboot. On the show, Aykroyd vented the following statement regarding what he deemed to be Feig's poor decision making: The girls are great in it. Kate McKinnon , Melissa McCarthy , Kristen Wiig – what a wonderful,...
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Dan Aykroyd blames Paul Feig for $40 million Ghostbusters reshoots

There was a lot of negativity surrounding the GHOSTBUSTERS remake when it first came out, and it’s not wrong to come to the conclusion that negativity impacted the movie. Though receiving solid reviews the movie failed to recoup its otherworldly production costs. According to former Ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd , a big reason for that is director Paul Feig and needless to say the actor...
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The new Rough Night trailer turns bad decisions into outrageous comedy

Riddle me this: What do you get when Scarlett Johansson , Kate McKinnon , Jillian Bell , Ilana Glazer , and Zoe Kravitz execute a wild, drug and alcohol-addled bachelorette weekend in Miami? Answer: One dead male stripper, an ill-conceived champagne toast, and a wicked hangover brought on by poor life choices. I hope you're ready for a raunchy HANGOVER-style style...
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Angry Birds 2 gets a release date and new creative team

Dry those parental tears, little lamb, we all knew this was coming. Columbia Pictures and Rovio Entertainment have announced that THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 will spread its wings on September 20, 2019 in an effort to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the original mobile game that inspired the 2016 Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly -directed animated film. That's not...
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New Rough Night trailer coins the term "friend-ipede"

I'm actually glad that we're getting more female-oriented comedies that aren't strictly "rom-coms" or "chick flicks" (even though I enjoy films in both those categories as well). It's just nice to see a raunchy, dark comedy starring women. And while this isn't the first raunchy-female led comedy (and most certainly won't be the last), I still...
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Paul Feig states that engaging with Ghostbusters trolls was a big mistake

There's no doubt that the female-led GHOSTBUSTERS reboot was met with a special brand of resistance the moment that news of its existence hit the internet. While a large amount of individuals were excited for the film, it felt as if for a very long time that those who were vehemently opposed to the film had the louder voice. Thinking back on it, I can recall  Melissa...
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Meet the ladies of Rough Night with new character posters

Like my mother always said, “Never go out and have any fun whatsoever because someone will always wind up dead.” Too true, and the ladies in ROUGH NIGHT, including Scarlett Johansson , Jillian Bell , Kate McKinnon , Zoe Kravitz and Ilana Glazer , will learn that the hard way. We saw the red band trailer not too long ago featuring plenty of drunken hijinks and some...
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Ivan Reitman says more Ghostbusters movies are in development

After all of the vitriol directed towards Paul Feig 's GHOSTBUSTERS on the road to its release, it seemed as though the film would either have to be a steaming pile of garbage or a comedic masterpiece, but the final product wound up generating little emotion from me one way or another. Other opinions may differ, but I didn't find GHOSTBUSTERS to be good or bad, it...
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Mila Kunis & Kate McKinnon in talks to star in The Spy Who Dumped Me

After walking away victorious from a bidding war for the Susanna Fogel scripted THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME, Lionsgate is now looking at Mila Kunis (BAD MOMS) and Kate McKinnon (GHOSTBUSTERS) to star in the film. Per Deadline , Lionsgate is currently in talks with both Kunis and McKinnon to take on the lead roles in THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME, an action-comedy which follows a woman, who,...
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