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James Franco to helm true-life stripper tale Zola Tells All

Even if you don't particularly care for James Franco , you've got to respect the dude for never staying still. In addition to his acting roles, over the past five years he has also co-hosted the Academy Awards, directed multiple feature films, published a collection short stories and a book of poetry, and taught a movie class at Palo Alto High School. Franco is currently...
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Cast This: C.J. Parker

This edition of Cast This was recommended by a reader who clearly wanted me to explain my search history to my wife, mission accomplished, sir. So it's with great enthusiasm that I ask you all for help in casting one of the most recognized TV characters of all time, C.J. Parker! Wendy Peffercorn , eat your heart out. C.J. was portrayed by Pamela Anderson for five...
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Sharon Stone the latest to join James Franco's The Disaster Artist

James Franco has assembled a pretty impressive cast for his making-of Tommy Wiseau's THE ROOM comedy THE DISASTER ARTIST that includes the likes of Dave Franco , Seth Rogen , Ari Graynor and Jacki Weaver , and now THR is reporting that Sharon Stone has been tapped to play a Hollywood agent in the movie. Filming for THE DISASTER ARTIST is currently underway in Los...
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Zac Efron joins Disaster Artist plus 1st pic of James Franco as Tommy Wiseau

With James Franco 's directorial effort on the making of THE ROOM beginning production next week, all sorts of casting news has been dropping. Earlier today we learned that Jacki Weaver , Ari Graynor and Kate Upton have signed on, and now we have word that Zac Efron will be joining in on the fun. More impressive, however, is how closely James Franco resembles the self-made...
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Jacki Weaver, Ari Graynor & more cast in James Franco's The Disaster Artist

THR is reporting that Ari Graynor (FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL..., The Sopranos), Hannibal Buress (NEIGHBORS, Broad City) and Andrew Santino (Sin City Saints) are set to star in THE DISASTER ARTIST, the upcoming James Franco -directed movie about the making of Tommy Wiseau's THE ROOM, joining the previously cast Dave Franco , Seth Rogen and Josh Hutcherson . The site has...
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Weekend Box Office Report: April 25-27, 2014

The Other Woman beats Cap! After three weekends at #1, Marvel's flag-wearing superhero was nudged from the top of the box office by the female-fronted comedy THE OTHER WOMAN , which opened with  $24.7 million ! The PG-13 Cameron Diaz  romcom, also featuring  Leslie Mann , Kate Upton 's breasts, Nicki Minaj and...
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Review: The Other Woman

PLOT: Carly ( Cameron Diaz ) – a high-powered lawyer, is shocked to discover that her perfect new boyfriend, Mark ( Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ) is married. She soon starts an unlikely friendship with Mark’s ditzy wife, Kate ( Leslie Mann ) and when they discover that he has yet another mistress, the young and gorgeous Amber ( Kate Upton ), they decide to teach him a lesson once...
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Exclusive: Foul-Mouthed International TV spot for The Other Woman

As you try and gather yourself back from that image above, you have to ask yourself one question: why the heck would I spend my time watching a romantic comedy? How about because it is a foul-mouthed romantic comedy starring Leslie Mann , Cameron Diaz , and the delicious Kate Upton . Diaz and Mann have proven in the past they can raunch it up with the boys any day of the week and...
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Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz wrestle over Kate Upton in The Other Woman clip

So, after your significant other is dragged to numerous screenings of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER there's going to be a little payback due. It often goes that way for a lot of couples, and it looks like the next romcom "payback" movie is going to be THE OTHER WOMAN. However, that's not really such a bad thing and the reason for that is simple: Kate Upton ....
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Kate Upton is being considered for the leading female role in the Entourage movie

Those of you looking forward to seeing ENTOURAGE come to the big screen will probably look forward to this as well. Kate Upton is being eyed for a leading female role according to several close sources of The Wrap.com. There's been no formal offer but they are in early discussions. While Upton's people are denying this news, they do say that there was interest in the curvy...
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The JoBlo Movie Podcast presents...Hottie March Madness!

The JoBlo Movie Podcast is proud to host their first annual March Madness of Hotties Tournament! Voting is taking place right now over at their shiny new Facebook page . Head on over to  support your favorites now. First round voting ends this Saturday at midnight (eastern). Winners will be announced on Monday's brand new JoBlo Movie Podcast where we'll also preview all the second...
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JoBlo Movie Podcast: Hottie March Madness! Reviews of Oz, The Brass Teapot, & Jack Reacher!

It's March Madness of Hotties Time! Click above to LISTEN NOW! After talking about it for 4 years we've finally decided to kick off the March Madness of Hotties tournament. Law and Moreno choose 16 of the finest ladies in Hollywood and throw them into a battle royale. Visit our Facebook page to vote throughout the week. There's also...
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