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Review: Logan Lucky

PLOT: An unemployed family man ( Channing Tatum ) living in West Tennessee recruits his brother ( Adam Driver ) and sister ( Riley Keough ) to help him rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway during a major NASCAR race. REVIEW: LOGAN LUCKY is a comfortably familiar return behind the camera for director Steven Soderbergh . His first film since HBO’s BEHIND THE CANDELEBRA, and...
7 days ago
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New Logan Lucky trailer has all the Twitters

After too long an absence, Steven Soderbergh is returning to movies with his Southern-fried heist comedy, LOGAN LUCKY. Centering on a heist during a NASCAR race, LUCKY assembles a colorful band of whacky and crude characters in what is shaping up to be a strange and hilarious delight. A new trailer highlights the energy and more broad humor of the film, which is mostly fueled by...
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We become colonists in the Alien: Covenant experience at Comic Con 2017!

I made no bones about how much I dug ALIEN: COVENANT earlier this year, but I know that some didn't dig it as much as me and that's totally cool. However, I think it's a film worth revisiting, if even just for Michael Fassbender 's awesome turn as David (and as Walter in this film), which is a tremendous role for his talents. The film is gearing up for its blu-ray...
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Daniel Craig shares his heist wisdom in extended Logan Lucky clip

As exciting as it is to see Steven Soderbergh return to the realm of feature-films after his brief retirement, I think what I'm looking forward to the most about the upcoming LOGAN LUCKY is getting to see Daniel Craig cut loose as the aptly named explosives expert Joe Bang. We don't typically get to see Craig in this type of role, and the actor seems to be having an absolute...
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Fantastic Beasts sequel major casting and plot details revealed!

As far as spinoffs go, I thought FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM was a most welcomed addition to the Harry Potter  cinematic franchise. For those who adore the Potterverse, Beasts introduced audience members to a menagerie of whimsical creatures, new charismatic characters, and a magical world far beyond the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry....
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Channing Tatum & Adam Driver have nothing to lose in new Logan Lucky trailer

Although Steven Soderbergh did in fact retire from directing feature-films after the release of BEHIND THE CANDELABRA in 2013, the director certainly didn't stay dormant during this period. Among other things, Soderbergh directed all twenty episodes of Cinemax's The Knick before the call of tackling a big-screen project beckoned once more when he was given the script for LOGAN...
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Damon Lindelof talks where the Alien series could go after Covenant

**POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOR ALIEN: COVENANT** Upon the release of ALIEN: COVENANT we learned that Ridley Scott intends to do several more movies in the ALIEN saga, leading many to wonder how many times you can have people running away from murderous creatures in space. But according to PROMETHEUS writer Damon Lindelof , Scott has lots of plans for the franchise that COVENANT...
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Fantastic Beasts 2 looking for a teenage Dumbledore, Grindelwald & more

After winding up being pleasantly surprised by FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM, I'm finding myself quite looking forward to its upcoming sequel which will further open up the wizarding world during this dark time. Production is slated to get underway this summer and Warner Bros. have put out an open casting call looking for several young actors to play teenage incarnations...
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Neill Blompkamp thinks Alien 5 is most likely "totally dead"

Though Neill Blomkamp hasn’t released a movie in the last two years the director is still very busy working on starting his own movie studio, Oats Studios, which will focus on releasing independently short films online. He had also been hard at work trying to get ALIEN 5 off the ground – a project he just said will most likely never see the light of day. While talking...
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1st Logan Lucky trailer & poster hit starring Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum

Funny how folks like Sean Penn and Steven Soderbergh talk about "retiring" from movie making every other year, yet they always seem to get drawn back in. In this case, the first trailer for the upcoming August 18th 2017 release for LOGAN LUCKY features Soderbergh back behind the directing chair, overlooking another big cast featuring names like Channing Tatum, Adam Driver,...
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Weekend Box Office Report: May 19-21, 2017

Alien: Covenant bites into first place! The terrifying titular extraterrestrial returned to theaters this weekend and launched ALIEN: COVENANT into the top spot with an estimated opening of $36 million ! Director Ridley Scott 's prequel to his ALIEN and sequel to PROMETHEUS came up short of the latter 2012 release -- PROMETHEUS opened with $51 million...
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What did you think of...Alien: Covenant?

It's been five years since Ridley Scott returned to the ALIEN franchise with PROMETHEUS, a divisive entry in the series that explored the origin of The Engineers and, in turn, the biological weapon that led to the beginning of the infamous Xenomorph. Now, Scott has returned with a follow-on sequel with ALIEN: COVENANT, which again dives deeper into the origin and creation of the...
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