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New Bad Moms 2 red band trailer puts the "ass" back in Christmas

The first BAD MOMS was a surprising smash hit, raking in over $100 million domestically last year . A sequel was greenlit, but obviously, you can’t do the same thing. The moms, played by Mila Kunis , Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, can’t just throw a bigger party. No, you gotta double the moms ( Cheryl Hines , Christine Baranski , and Susan Sarandon ), switch up the...
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Santa gets a lapdance in first trailer for A Bad Moms Christmas w/Mila Kunis

Ho-Ho-Ho! The Bad Moms are Back! And this time they're even badder! Well, maybe not by that much. They're still rebelling against motherhood; taking shots, breaking shit...y'know, the usual. But this time they're doing it during Christmas! Mila Kunis , Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn return as the trio of moms who swim against the tide of maternal expectations,...
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We Talk I Love Dick with Kathryn Hahn, Kevin Bacon, Griffin Dunne & More!

Over the past few years, Amazon Prime has been delivering some serious quality television. Not only do they offer shows like Mozart in the Jungle and Transparent, you can now check out one of the boldest relationship comedies you’ll find on television. I Love Dick is the wild and strange adventure of a married couple facing a crisis when it comes to their relationship. That is...
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Adam Sandler signs up to do four more movies for Netflix

Are you ready for more Adam Sandler movies on Netflix? Because you're going to get them whether you like it or not. Several years ago the actor signed a four-picture deal with the streaming media provider, which has so far resulted in THE RIDICULOUS SIX and THE DO-OVER with SANDY WEXLER on the way. With just one more movie on the original contract, it seems that Netflix wants to...
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The Bad Moms will return for A Bad Moms Christmas in 2017

I certainly hope that you're prepared for more of Mila Kunis , Kristen Bell , and Kathryn Hahn as BAD MOMS, because STX Entertainment have announced that they're fast-tracking a sequel. With a small budget of just $20 million and a worldwide gross of close to $200 million, putting a BAD MOMS sequel into development was only natural. Titled A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS, the...
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Review: Bad Moms

PLOT: Three young mothers ( Mila Kunis , Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell ) rebel against the expectations of a generation of helicopter parents and embrace a more chaotic, laissez-faire style of motherhood. REVIEW: BAD MOMS was a very pleasant mid-summer surprise. In a season full of half-assed comedies, it’s nice to see one break away from the pack and deliver some...
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Review: Captain Fantastic

This review originally ran as part of our Sundance 2016 coverage. PLOT: A man ( Viggo Mortensen ) raising his six kids away from society in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, is forced to bring his family to the city for the first time following the suicide of his wife. REVIEW: Imagine THE MOSQUITO COAST if Harrison Ford ’s character was a nice guy and...
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We Talk Captain Fantastic With Viggo Mortensen, Kathryn Hahn & Matt Ross!

It's oftentimes the little hidden gems that really shine during the summer movie months. This year there have been a handful of really great independent films, and this weekend sees the release of yet another treat. CAPTAIN FANTASTIC is the perfect summer film. Compelling and heartfelt, Matt Ross brilliantly brings this complex and inspired tale of family and loss...
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Perfect moms are in big trouble in new Bad Moms trailer

No one likes those perfect overachievers who constantly want to tell everyone how awesome they are and treat others as if they are somehow beneath them. Screw those people. We all hope they eventually get knocked down a peg when karma finds the perfect time, so we can feel better about just doing what we can to be slightly above-average.  That's pretty much the basis for...
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Every mom has a breaking point in red-band trailer for Mila Kunis' Bad Moms

Amy ( Mila Kunis ) has a seemingly perfect life, a great marriage, over-achieving kids, a beautiful home and a career, but she's had enough. STX Entertainment has released the first red-band trailer for BAD MOMS, a new comedy from Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (THE HANGOVER), which stars Mila Kunis , Kristen Bell , and Kathryn Hahn as three over-stressed moms on a quest to...
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Viggo Mortensen fights for his family in the trailer for Captain Fantastic

We all know that Viggo Mortensen can kick some serious ass when he needs to, but CAPTAIN FANTASTIC gives him a different kind of fight. The story follows a father devoted to raising his six kids in the forests of the Pacific Northwest with a rigorous physical and intellectual education. After the death of his wife, he is forced to leave his paradise and enter the "real world,"...
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M. Night Shyamalan is bringing a new Tales from the Crypt series to TNT

For those of you who enjoyed M. Night's latest directorial effort, THE VISIT, then you may get a kick out of the following news: Shyamalan will be re-booting Tales from the Crypt for TNT. The reboot will launch this Fall in a 2-hour weekly block. Shyamalan will be producing each episode, but no word yet on whether or not the man will lend his talents behind the camera. If I was a...
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