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Cameron Crowe goes behind the scenes of rock and roll with Roadies trailer

Cameron Crowe 's history with music (once a contributing editor at Rolling Stone magazine) is always going to open the door for it to play a vital role in his creative process and the projects he involves himself with. Already once before, Crowe dove head-on into the world of rock and roll, following the fictional band Stillwater for the purposes of watching 15-year-old William Miller...
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3D re-release news: Revenge of the Sith moves up a week, Independence Day cancelled altogether

Re-releasing classic "event" or "adventure" movies in 3D has become a bit of a trend lately that seems unlikely to outright die out anytime soon as the money is, comparatively speaking, just too good. There's no need to pay crew for overtime, no need to argue with a director over creative vision, no need to shell out for lost or damaged equipment, no need to deal with flying large casts...
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