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Hugh Dancy joins Fifty Shades Darker as Christian Grey's psychiatrist

The cancellation of Hannibal still strings, but perhaps the recent news that Hugh Dancy will be joining the cast of FIFTY SHADES DARKER as Christian Grey's psychiatrist is merely the prelude to Dancy devouring the entire cast; likely not, but a man can dream. The commercially successful but critically panned FIFTY SHADES OF GREY introduced us to Christian Grey ( Jamie Dornan ), an...
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2016 Razzie winners announced; 50 Shades & Fantastic 4 tie for Worst Picture

The winners of the 36th annual Golden Raspberry Awards were announced on Saturday evening, and FIFTY SHADES OF GREY took home the most awards with 5 Razzie wins, including Worst Actor ( Jamie Dornan ), Worst Actress ( Dakota Johnson ) and Worst Screenplay ( Kelly Marcel ). Director Sam Taylor-Johnson 's critically panned adaptation of the E.L. James erotic romance novel also tied...
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50 Shades of Grey, Pixels & others lead 2016 Razzie Award nominations

The nominations for the 36th annual Razzie Awards have been announced, and leading the pack are FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, PIXELS, JUPITER ASCENDING and PAUL BLART: MALL COP 2 with six nominations each. Josh Trank 's FANTASTIC FOUR is close behind with five Razzie nods, and all five films are nominated in the Worst Picture category. Eddie Redmayne and Julianne Moore may have won...
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Next Fifty Shades of Greys shooting back-to-back w/ James Foley at the helm

Given the delay the remaining two FIFTY SHADES OF GREY sequels had to endure as a new director and screenwriter were sought that met author E.L. James' approval, the plan now appears to be that FIFTY SHADES DARKER and FIFTY SHADES FREED will head into production for a back-to-back shoot that would allow Universal to hit February release dates for both 2017 and 2018. James Foley has...
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Kelly Marcel set to pen Disney's live-action Cruella de Vil movie

Disney is wasting no time getting some more of their live-action fairy tale movies into the pipeline. Riding the waves of success from ALICE IN WONDERLAND, MALEFICENT, OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL and now CINDERELLA, The Mouse announced no fewer than four untitled movies of this nature yesterday, and today it appears we're getting some clarity as to what one of them will be. CRUELLA,...
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House of Cards' James Foley may direct Fifty Shades of Grey sequel

Universal may have finally found a director for its FIFTY SHADES OF GREY sequel. Deadline is reporting that James Foley has "emerged as the clear frontrunner" to helm FIFTY SHADES DARKER, and while there's speculation he may also direct the final installment, FIFTY SHADES FREED, "that is still yet to be worked out on whether the studio goes for a...
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Fifty Shades of Grey screenwriter can't bring herself to watch the film

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY has made over $500 million worldwide which obviously adds up to a lot of eyeballs that have viewed the erotic thriller; however one pair is missing, those of screenwriter Kelly Marcel . The writer joined Bret Easton Ellis on his podcast earlier this week where she revealed that she has yet to have watched her own movie. Much of the news which has trickled...
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A Fifty Shades of Grey spoof is on the way courtesy of Marlon Wayans

There were plenty of unintentionally funny moments in FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and now we're getting the chance to have an intentional chuckle at the film thanks to Marlon Wayans . That's right folks, a FIFTY SHADES OF GREY spoof is on the way; IM Global will join forces with with Marlon Wayans and Rick Alvarez for the spoof comedy FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK. Marlon Wayans...
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E.L. James' husband to pen Fifty Shades of Grey sequel

Instead of a sequel to FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, can we just get a film chronicling all the behind-the-scenes drama instead? I have a feeling that would make for a much more entertaining movie. FIFTY SHADES OF GREY director Sam Taylor-Johnson decided not to return to the directors chair for FIFTY SHADES DARKER and, while she was diplomatic in her official statement, many suspect the...
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Sam Taylor-Johnson is officially not helming the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel

Much like Catherine Hardwicke after TWILIGHT, behind the scenes shenanigans have forced Sam Taylor-Johnson to depart the franchise she helped introduce to movie-goers. After the success of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, Taylor-Johnson will not return to direct the already announced FIFTY SHADES DARKER. There has been no official statement from the studio as to if a replacement has been...
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Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson want a major pay raise for Fifty Shades sequel

Although a FIFTY SHADES OF GREY sequel still hasn't been officially announced yet, stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are seeking a much bigger paycheck for the sequel, according to THR . Sources have told the site while both Dornan and Johnson signed three-picture deals, the pair are trying to "renegotiate for seven-figure raises" for the follow-ups FIFTY...
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Jamie Dornan & Cillian Murphy will try to assassinate a Nazi in Anthropoid

It's been announced that FIFTY SHADES OF GREY actor Jamie Dornan will star opposite Cillian Murphy in ANTHROPOID , a World War II thriller from CASHBACK director Sean Ellis. Dornan and Murphy will play a pair of Czech soldiers who were involved with the 1942 assassination of high ranking Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich , also known as "The Butcher of Prague."...
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