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Andy Dick, Kelly Osbourne and others set to star in Syfy's Sharknado 2

You didn't think we'd forget about SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE, did you? Filming for Syfy's sequel to SHARKNADO starts this week, and recently the cast was announced. Tara Reid and Ian Zierling will be back from the original television movie (as April and Fin, respectively) and joining them will be Vivica A. Fox, Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath, Kelly Osbourne, Andy Dick...
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Awfully Good: So Undercover

When she's not grinding on Beetlejuice or scarring the Disney Channel for eternity, Miley Cyrus can also be foundů So Undercover (2012) Director: Tom Vaughan Stars: Miley Cyrus, Jeremy Piven, Mike O'Malley A private investigator who's, like, so rough-around-the-edges, totally goes undercover for the FBI in a college sorority house....
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