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Mark Duplass is a Creep in the trailer for Blumhouse's found footage movie

While found footage may illicit groans from many of you, there is no questioning how effective it can be when used in the right circumstances. Some movies work well with it while others just induce headaches. In the case of Patrick Brice 's CREEP, this looks like a found footage winner. Starring Mark Duplass , CREEP is not quite horror and not quite drama but completely chilling. The...
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Cool Videos: Russian Meteorite: The Movie trailer!

In quick Hollywood turnaround style, the real-world event of the Russian meteorite fireball that exploded over the nation about ten hours ago has now been turned into a movie!  Well, a movie trailer, anyway.  Suspect X has put together an INCEPTION style mash-up of the event, which is said to be unrelated from Asteroid 2012 DA14, which will pass Earth just outside of 17,150...
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