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Review: Risen

  PLOT: The Roman centurion ( Joseph Fiennes ) who supervised Christ’s crucifixion is sent by Pontius Pilate ( Peter Firth ) to recover the Nazarene’s body – believed to be in the possession of his disciples. REVIEW: Ever since THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST raked in hundreds of millions at the box-office, biblical tales on the big screen have seen a...
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Waterworld director Kevin Reynolds to helm Gladiator-style Jesus Christ movie, Resurrection

Kevin Reynolds is best known for directing the epic disaster WATERWORLD starring Kevin Costner which sent him into filmmaking purgatory for quite some time. It was not until last year's History mini-series HATFIELDS & MCCOYS, also starring Costner, that he started getting some more projects. The next film the veteran director is attaching himself to is a religious drama that takes a...
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David Goyer to direct a comic book style reimagining of The Count of Monte Cristo

David Goyer 's next project will be an adaptation he aims to make the "19th Century DARK KNIGHT". That is an audacious claim for the man behind the Christopher Nolan trilogy, BLADE, and the upcoming MAN OF STEEL. But, this time he will be taking his love of comic books and applying it to the classic novel THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO by Alexandre Dumas . The Hollywood Reporter...
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Review: Red Dawn

PLOT : When America finds itself under attack, it is up to a scrappy group of teenagers and an Iraq War Veteran to fight the good fight and kick some commie butt. Sadly THOR canít even save this one. REVIEW : Letís not take into account all the inconsistencies in RED DAWN, the latest remake to hit theatres. Forget about the fact that even deep in the woods after several days a cell...
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This patriotic trailer for Red Dawn makes you feel damn good to be an American

It feels like the longer we have waited for the RED DAWN remake, the less people have been excited for it. At first, I thought it would be a good idea to update the story for the 21st century, but as MGM's financial woes dragged out the release for the new film, I kind of lost interest. Sure, the trailer was decent, but it was nothing unique. Now, just in time for the film's...
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New TV spot for Red Dawn remake starring Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson

The original propaganda masterpiece known as John Milus' RED DAWN was a staple of my childhood.† I grew up loving that movie (and still do) and found the premise to be intriguing as hell.† I always put myself in the character's heads to see how I'd measure up in a situation like that.† It was a fun "what if" scenario to play.† Plus, shouting "Wolverines!" from the top of a mountain never...
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