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Review: Planes

PLOT : Dusty Crophopper has big, big dreams that don’t involve his current position in life. Dusty happens to be a crop-duster that longs to race in the wild blue yonder searching for the “highway to the danger zone.” A little bit of an underdog story with a slight hint of TOP GUN, PLANES is all about the power of following your dreams. REVIEW : This summer has been a very busy year...
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Top 10 Awesome Underrated Movies from Your Childhood (Video Edition)

With Disney's PLANES opening this week, I know I will be dragged to see it with my kids. Unfortunately they aren't old enough for ELYSIUM, but surely there are some decent non-animated movies they can watch? When I think back to the movies that made my childhood they were not all cartoons or even appropriate for my age. We all grew up with STAR WARS, SUPERMAN, INDIANA JONES, THE GOONIES, and...
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Promo trailer for Disney's Planes attempts to lure you in with a visual feast

So, earlier today I confessed my appreciation for RIO, which is set to release a sequel next year. Now, I have to go the opposite direction for Disney's PLANES, the non-Pixar spinoff of the unfortunately popular CARS franchise. The first CARS film isn't terrible and I have come to appreciate it after being subjected to repeat viewings, almost in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE fashion ....
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Cars spin-off Planes gets a new trailer featuring the voice of Dane Cook

I despise the Disney-Pixar CARS franchise. Those little die cast cars have taken over my home. My kids must have at least 75 Lightning McQueen toys that are all slightly different in ways I could never determine. While both CARS movies are my least favorite Pixar movies, they do have some charm (until you have been forced to watch them thousands of times). While every other sequel in...
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There are a bunch of high flyers in these new character images from Disney's Planes. Plus full voice cast!

One major reason why Pixar went ahead with CARS 2 even though the first film is generally considered the weakest Pixar movie: merchandise. A lot of children's toys, clothing, etc. were sold with the CARS characters and logos on them. While we may love Wall-E or the cast from THE INCREDIBLES their merchandise just doesn't sell like the stuff from the CARS movies. Pixar isn't producing...
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Dane Cook to lead the voice cast of Disney's Planes, the spin-off of, what else, Cars

The Disney spin-off of CARS, the aptly titled PLANES, which was once to be a direct-to-DVD affair, is now getting a theatrical release (in 3D, no less) and today it was announced that Dane Cook will lead the voice cast, starring as Dusty, a small-engine plane competing in, what else, a race.  Cook is the latest actor up for the role, which was once rumored to have been Jon Cryer or Jesse...
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