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Awfully Good: Knowing

With Edgar Wright's THE WORLD'S END and the Nicolas Cage drama FROZEN GROUND out this weekend, an end-of-the-world Nicolas Cage movie only makes sense. Knowing (2009) Director: Alex Proyas Stars: Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne, Liam Hemsworth Only astrophysicist Nicolas Cage can use numbers to stop the end of the world! KNOWING had...
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Cool Videos: The evolution of Nicolas Cage's hair

Nicolas Cage 's hair has been the butt of many jokes and, of course, Internet memes, many of them deadly accurate and pretty damn funny.  However, I find that this supercut video of the evolution of Nicolas Cage 's hair to be the premiere version of his big-hair predicament.  It's brilliantly cut with a perfect choice of music, allowing you to take a trip down Nicolas Cage 's...
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