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Oldman is a tour de force in new Darkest Hour trailer

Fans of Gary Oldman may rejoice, for this year may finally be the year the acclaimed actor begins to gather the awards he has been denied for years with his stirring performance in DARKEST HOUR. Oldman has been receiving wild acclaim for his work as Winston Churchill in Joe Wright ’s biopic about the famed Prime Minister’s actions during WWII, and the movie itself got...
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Review: Darkest Hour (TIFF)

PLOT: Newly appointed prime minister Winston Churchill ( Gary Oldman ) tries desperately to mobilize parliament against the on-coming Nazi onslaught in the early days of WW2. REVIEW: Joe Wright ' s DARKEST HOUR and Christopher Nolan ' s DUNKIRK compliment each other quite well. While you never see the actual evacuation of Dunkirk in Wright's film, much of it...
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Gary Oldman is Winston Churchill in first Darkest Hour trailer

Gary Oldman has graced audiences for years by portraying a wide swath of diverse and complex characters. But more often than not he’s the supporting player (HARRY POTTER, THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy), even though we know full well he can command the screen when given a leading role (DRACULA, TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY). With his new movie, DARKEST HOUR, Oldman is playing the role of...
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Get a look at Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in the drama Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman has one of the most diverse résumés of any actor working today. He's played criminals, a wizard, a police commissioner, Dracula and even an animated peacock. But one character you don’t see on that list is a big guy who smokes a cigar and ponders the meaning of life while staring out a bay window. Oh, well it looks like I have spoken too soon....
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Exclusive: Movie CliffsNotes - Mission: Impossible

Truth be told, the first MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE confused the hell out of a lot of people when it first came out, but that didn't stop them from loving the shit out of it anyway. The plot goes from some crazy twists and turns, but eventually gets down to what we really want to see, which is Tom Cruise flying through the air with an exploding helicopter behind him. Really, that's...
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My Life Directed trailer takes us beyond the making of Only God Forgives

Filmmaking is never easy. And if you're someone like Nicolas Winding Refn , coming off a hugely successful movie like DRIVE, your next film is going to have high expectations. The first trailer for MY LIFE DIRECTED shows just how hard it was on the great director in this intimate documentary about the making of ONLY GOD FORGIVES. Refn’s wife Liv Corfixen directs the...
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Nicolas Winding Refn set to shoot female-led horror film The Neon Demon

Director Nicolas Winding Refn has finally settled on his next project and will find himself returning to Los Angeles to film THE NEON DEMON. The picture is being billed a horror film led by a female cast. Refn wrote the screenplay along with Mary Laws and principal photography starts in early 2015. His usual collaborators, director of photography Philippe Le Sourd, editor Matthew...
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Cool Videos: Check out this awesomely violent VFX reel for Only God Forgives

Nicolas Winding Refn gained a lot of fans after releasing DRIVE, but his follow-up with Ryan Gosling , ONLY GOD FORGIVES, failed to reach the same level of acclaim. Despite a phenomenal performance from Kristin Scott Thomas , ONLY GOD FORGIVES never gained the popularity of that previous film. Those who did watch ONLY GOD FORGIVES were greeted by excessive amounts of violence...
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Exclusive 1:1 interviews with Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn from Only God Forgives

Ryan Gosling has returned to the crazy world of Nicolas Winding Refn with ONLY GOD FORGIVES, a hallucinatory film that takes the more offbeat elements of their first collaboration together, DRIVE, and just about triples them. Not unlike that first team-up, ONLY GOD FORGIVES sees Gosling playing a protagonist whose actions are dictated by the people and events around him. His...
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Exclusive 1:1 interviews with Kristin Scott Thomas and Vithaya Pansringarm from Only God Forgives

We’ve seen plenty of “mothers from hell” on the screen before, but we haven’t seen one come along quite like the one Kristin Scott Thomas plays in ONLY GOD FORGIVES in quite a while. As Victoria, the nasty matriarch of a criminal enterprise, Thomas takes great big bites out of the scenery in a performance that is remarkably believable even while it’s over-the-top. The character...
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Top 10 Coolest Movie Titles of All Time

ONLY GOD FORGIVES opens in limited release today which got me thinking about how awesome of a movie title that is. Simple and yet incredibly complex, movie titles can convey a hell of a lot. So, with that in mind, here are my picks for the ten coolest movie titles in history. Some are simple, some are funny, and others are downright bold. If your favorite didn't make the list, feel free to...
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Review: Only God Forgives

PLOT: Julian ( Ryan Gosling ) is a drug-runner living in Thailand, who operates under the guise of being a Muay Thai fight club operator. When his sadistic brother rapes and murders an underage prostitute, and is killed by the girl's father under the guidance of  legendary local cop Lt. Chang (Vithaya Pansringarm)-,the “angel of death”- Julian's mother Crystal ( Kristin Scott Thomas...
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