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Jason Momoa trains for a sword fight as Aquaman in this BTS clip

JUSTICE LEAGUE will be the first time audiences get to see Jason Momoa really show off his skills as Aquaman, but the man is just now gearing up to head off to Australia to shoot his solo flick. As you can imagine, that involves a lot of prep work, including fight choreography. The Instagram account of the athletic apparel company Hyperfly has uploaded some footage of Momoa in action at...
5 days ago
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James Wan's Aquaman casts Black Manta and Queen Atlanna

Many of the upcoming films in the DCEU have had their fair share of issues, including multiple director's exiting ( the latest being Ben Affleck stepping down as director of the standalone Batman film ), so it's a relief that AQUAMAN has managed to keep its core creative team intact. With production due to kick off in Australia this April, James Wan is continuing to fill out the...
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Jason Momoa, Amber Heard & Patrick Wilson sit down for an Aquaman table read

For years, it's been easy for the general public to dismiss Aquaman, after all, who's going to take a man in sparkly orange and green spandex who talks to fish seriously? Thankfully, Warner Bros. took a big step towards putting that attitude to rest for once and for all when they hired Jason Momoa to play Aquaman. We caught a brief glimpse of Momoa's Aquaman in BATMAN V...
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Patrick Wilson to join Jason Momoa in Aquaman as Ocean Master

Even since AQUAMAN was first announced with James Wan taking the helm, fans have been wondering which villain would be facing off against The King of the Seven Seas. Although many expected Black Manta to take on that role, today's casting announcement reveals that a very different baddie will be taking center stage. Deadline reports that Patrick Wilson (THE CONJURING) will be...
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Warner Bros. pushes back the release of James Wan's Aquaman

Much of the general public associates Aquaman with the recurring jokes about his abilities, or lack thereof, as well as his sparkly orange and green costume, but when you cast a man like Jason Momoa in the role, you're making a big statement: don't f**k with the guy who talks to fish. Momoa made a very brief cameo appearance in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, but our first...
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James Wan teases that Aquaman will be a swashbuckling adventure

To the outside world, Aquaman has frequently been the butt of jokes, but now that Jason Momoa will be filling Aquaman's sparkly green pants, I'd imagine that we'll be taking the hero much more seriously. Although we did get a brief glimpse at the character in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, Zack Snyder 's upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE will serve as our first real...
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Will Beall talks Aquaman setting and the opening of The Legend of Conan

Screenwriter Will Beall seems to enjoy working with fictional royalty, he's currently penning the script for Jason Momoa 's Atlantean king in AQUAMAN and has, along with Chris Morgan , scripted Arnold Schwarzenegger 's return to the throne in THE LEGEND OF CONAN. Beall recently spoke with /Film about both projects and while he obviously couldn't say much about...
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James Wan says that Aquaman is like the Wolverine of the DCEU

The character of Aquaman hasn't always been held in the highest esteem by the general public, but Warner Bros. knew exactly what they were doing when they hired Jason Momoa to portray the Atlantean king. No one's going to be making jokes about Momoa talking to fish, well, except for Ben Affleck . Although we did catch a glimpse of the character in BATMAN V SUPERMAN, we'll...
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James Wan's Aquaman brings back a writer from its past

James Wan 's AQUAMAN has found a writer to handle the film's scripting duties, and it only had to look to its past in order to secure the scribe it wanted. Will Beall , who, once upon a time, was writing AQUAMAN when Warner Bros. was developing several different tracks for the project, has been brought back as the sole pen as he works off a detailed treatment by Wan and...
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James Wan opted to direct Aquaman over The Flash

Who knows what to expect with the next few films Warner Bros. has lined up for the continuation of their DC Cinematic Universe? With so much shake-up and upheaval going on in the aftermath of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, the only thing that seems to be for certain is that what's on the horizon won't be like Zack Snyder 's most recent film. Change is definitely...
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James Wan on the uniqueness of Aquaman's world

Although Warner Bros.' DC Extended Universe hasn't got off to the thrilling start that they were hoping it would, there's still plenty to look forward to in the future, including James Wan 's AQUAMAN. The character, played by Jason Momoa , made a brief cameo in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and will also appear in Zack Snyder 's JUSTICE LEAGUE before finally...
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James Wan responds to rumors that he may be leaving Aquaman

Last week it was announced that Seth Grahame-Smith would NOT being making his directorial debut with THE FLASH , citing creative differences. Fair enough, as comic book films are no easy medium to start getting your feet wet in. Shortly after that news, rumors began swirling that DC was about to lose their AQUAMAN director, James Wan . DC has had a bit of a troubled history with its...
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