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Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper duet in first A Star is Born image

A STAR IS BORN has been remade twice since the original movie made its debut in 1937 (one in 1954 and another in 1976), and now a new version is coming with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga , with the movie also acting as Cooper’s directorial debut. If that all makes you do a triple take, then there’s no better way for you to accept the reality of it all than by you taking a...
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Rampage with Dwayne Johnson will destroy a city near you April 2018

For those of you who forgot (either by natural forgetfulness or by spending hours going through intensive psychotherapy to force the mental demons out), a movie based on the hit video game, RAMPAGE, is coming . It’s coming for you, it’s coming for your family and, above all, it’s coming for your money. But we have an advantage now, for we know exactly when the...
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Bradley Cooper will direct Lady Gaga in A Star is Born remake

Now, if you told me that Bradley Cooper would be directing another film version of A STAR IS BORN, and that Lady Gaga would be his star, I would ask you what hallucinogen you were on, and would then proceed to smack you while shouting, “The power of Christ compels you!" Well, turns out you weren’t that crazy, and I apologize for all the slapping. Yes,...
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Lady Gaga may join Bradley Cooper's A Star is Born remake

Last month a report surfaced that Bradley Cooper was courting Lady Gaga for his A STAR IS BORN remake, and now Deadline has learned that singer/actress is officially in talks to join the project. According to the site, the pair tested and Warner Bros. "loved the results." If Gaga does sign on (and it seems like she will), she'll star opposite Cooper, who...
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Binge Watchin' TV Review: American Horror Story

Welcome to Binge Watchin,’ where we take a look at some of the best TV shows available on streaming or disc that have a great catalogue of seasons to jump into and get sucked into the beautiful bliss of binge watching! From crime, action, comedy, drama, animation, etc., we’ll be evaluating an assortment of shows that will hopefully serve as a gateway to your next binge...
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Danny Trejo says Machete Kills in Space will begin filming this year

Just when you thought the legacy of GRINDHOUSE was a memory comes the news that MACHETE will kill...again! After two insane outings courtesy of Robert Rodriguez and Troublemaker Studios, the Danny Trejo exploitation franchise will get a third entry as teased at the conclusion of MACHETE KILLS. If you recall, the trailer took the Mexican vigilante off the planet and into space and...
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Matt Bomer & Cheyenne Jackson join FX's American Horror Story: Hotel

During the closing night of this year's Playfest it was announced Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson will play the male leads in American Horror Story: Hotel (joining the previously cast Lady Gaga ), while Jessica Lange confirmed that she will not be back for the fifth season of the FX anthology series. Matt Bomer is probably best known for his roles on the TV series...
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Lady Gaga will have a starring role in American Horror Story: Hotel

FX's horror anthology series, American Horror Story , doesn't return until this October, but the first casting announcement might catch you off-guard. While the series is known for bringing back many of the core cast members, the initial casting comes in the form of . . . Lady Gaga ? That, I imagine will excite some of you and terrify the rest. In either case, the casting...
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Check out a mustachioed clone baby version of Danny Trejo in this deleted scene from Machete Kills

Robert Rodriguez 's MACHETE KILLS is goofy, stupid, and utterly ridiculous. But, that is what makes it brilliant. The Danny Trejo sequel to a film based on a fake trailer should be the type of movie relegated to the dollar bin of a truck stop gas station, but instead it features an array of stars acting campy for fun. While we may never see anything more featuring the badass Mexican...
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Cool Videos: Trailer for Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills Again...In Space

MACHETE KILLS wasn't a huge bomb because of its small budget, but it still only grossed less than $9 million at box offices in the U.S. A fake trailer for MACHETE KILLS AGAIN...IN SPACE was attached to it, and while the video below is nothing new for the people who did see MACHETE KILLS in theaters (all thirty of you), many haven't seen this tease for a sequel. Danny Trejo ,...
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Exclusive 1:1 interview with Danny Trejo, Alexa Vega, and Robert Rodriguez for Machete Kills!

If you aren't hip with Robert Rodriquez' style by now MACHETE KILLS is, by all accounts, as good as any film to start despite it being a sequel. You'd be hard pressed to find a filmmaker who has kept his "shoot from the hips" approach as fresh as it was when Robert shot EL MARIACHI more than twenty years ago. Even though this is the second MACHETE installment, I still get that giddy...
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Cool Videos: Robert Rodriguez directed music video for Lady GaGa's Aura from Machete Kills

Director Robert Rodriguez 's MACHETE KILLS starts slicing up theaters this weekend and it looks like he's collaborated with one of his co-stars on a music video for the film. Lady Gaga 's "Aura" is chopped to images and bits from the film in seizure-inducing splendor in a pretty fun, playful video that utilizes kinetic typography throughout. It's the most creative...
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