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New season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on its way to HBO!

The king of cringe comedy, Larry David , is back for more awkward situations with a new season of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM on the way from HBO. It'll be the ninth season of the long-running series, which (at the time) officially ended six years ago in 2011. The new season will premiere October 1st of this year. Meanwhile, fan favorites Jeff Garlin , Susie Essman , and JB Smoove...
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The return of Curb Your Enthusiasm sounds pretty, pretty, pretty good

Larry David has some more CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM left in him yet. That was the announcement that came from HBO today who confirmed a ninth season of the comedic series will be happening, although no further details, particularly when we could expect the show's return, were revealed at this time.  In a statement from David revealing why he was coming back, he said,...
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Nyuk Nyuk, The Three Stooges will be getting a sequel

The Three Stooges were a major part of my youth; watching Moe, Larry, Curly, and Shemp engage in choreographed slapstick always brought a smile to my face. The idea of other actors stepping into those roles felt like an impossibility, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I (and other Stooge fans) would have to deal with that very thing. Chris Diamantopoulos,  Sean...
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Jerry Seinfeld thinks Man of Steel had too much action; teases new project with Larry David

Most of you probably know that Jerry Seinfeld is a huge Superman fan. The character was referenced in almost every episode of his television series, and his son's middle name is Kal. But what did he think of MAN OF STEEL? The comedian was on Reddit yesterday answering fans' questions, and of course someone wanted to know what was his opinion on Zack Snyder 's film....
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Face-Off: Woody Allen vs. Larry David

Last week, your votes were just about split in the battle of the Batmen , with no clear winner between Michael Keaton and Christian Bale. As far as other Caped Crusaders you’d most trust to protect Gotham City, Val Kilmer managed a distant third, while George Clooney ranked just as high as Will Friedle’s voice. With Woody Allen’s latest feature, BLUE JASMINE , due out on Friday, this...
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How much are some of the world's biggest stars worth? It might surprise you

Each year there are a handful of lists released of which stars have made the most money, which actor is overpaid/underpaid, etc. and usually the lists are pretty interesting. keeps track of how much celebrities are worth and the Huffington Post has compiled a list of actors, musicians, directors and media types whose massive amount of wealth is just shocking....
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Cool Videos: Will Sasso driving around as Arnold Schwarzenegger is pure comedy gold

Comedian Will Sasso isn't necessarily a household name, but a very recognizable face. Recently, Sasso played Curly in the big-screen version of THE THREE STOOGES (which was actually pretty fun), but he's probably most famous for his Arnold Schwarzenegger skits from Mad TV. Sasso famously portrayed the Austrian actor in a number of hilarious skits throughout his run on the ensemble...
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