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Paul Feig's Ghostbusters hits Blu-ray in October with an extended edition

For those of you who enjoyed Paul Feig 's take on GHOSTBUSTERS, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has detailed its upcoming release, which will include a 4K/3D Blu-ray and standard Blu-ray release. Both versions will hit store shelves on October 11th . The film, featuring Kristen Wiig , Melissa McCarthy , Kate McKinnon , Leslie Jones , and Chris Hemsworth , will be...
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Big box office loss could spell R.I.P. for Ghostbusters sequel

The new GHOSTBUSTERS movie was—being put mildly—met with lukewarm reception from fans of the original and the casual audience alike. Some have said it's for reasons that have been called misogynistic, others that it’s simply because the studio was messing with a treasured classic, and many just because they thought it sucked. Whatever the reason, there was just...
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Paul Feig isn't going to be rebooting anything else

Paul Feig is done with the hassle of rebooting a movie like GHOSTBUSTERS, widely regarded as a classic to large swaths of fans and an entire generation of movie-goers. After meeting the vitriol many had for his take on the material head-on for a number of months, Feig has decided that it'll be nothing but original material from here on out for him. In a new interview with The...
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Paul Feig is bringing us deep into the Supermodel Snowpocalypse

Paul Feig continues to earn the benefit of the doubt for each new project he involves himself with, considering he hasn't made a stinker from the lot of them to this point. They all turn out to be surprisingly funny, which is why I'm intrigued he has chosen to participate in SUPERMODEL SNOWPOCALYPSE. Feig is only producing the film under his Feigco banner, and, on...
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T.J. Miller & Jason Bateman star in the Office Christmas Party trailer

When the CEO ( Jennifer Aniston ) tries to close her hard-partying brother’s branch, he ( T.J. Miller ) and his Chief Technical Officer ( Jason Bateman ) must rally their co-workers and host an epic office Christmas party in an effort to impress a potential client and close a sale that will save their jobs. A few pictures from OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY hit yesterday and now we...
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See Kate McKinnon & Jason Bateman in these pics from Office Christmas Party

Directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon (BLADES OF GLORY), OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY tells the story of branch manager Clay Vanstone ( T.J. Miller ) who throws an epic Christmas party in order to land a big client and save the branch from being shut down by his sister ( Jennifer Aniston ). Jason Bateman plays Clay's right-hand man and chief technical officer, and Kate McKinnon plays...
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Dan Aykroyd throws down on the worst Ghostbusters haters

Like the new GHOSTBUSTERS movie or don't... It doesn't matter to me at this point. However, what we should all be able to agree on is that the behavior of far too many surrounding this movie has been completely unacceptable. It is beyond any realm of reasonable response for something you might not want to see. After all, no one is flipping their shit like this, because...
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Attraction Reactions: Ghostbusters (video)

We sent host Taylor Johnson to a local theater to find out what people thought about the new GHOSTBUSTERS reboot from director Paul Feig , which stars Kristen Wiig , Melissa McCarthy , Leslie Jones , Kate McKinnon , and Chris Hemsworth . Did audience members react the same as the Internet? Find out in this episode of Attraction Reactions! Previous Episodes of...
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There's "no doubt" Ghostbusters will get to bust ghosts again

GHOSTBUSTERS is out, people have seen it, and it’s time to look to the future. With the weekend numbers out for the movie said future looks pretty bright now, and though the film was not able to defeat a bunch of animated critters, it was able to rack-up a sweet $46 million. So of course the people over at Sony are pretty happy, and when you’re happy you make a lot of bold...
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What did you think of...Ghostbusters?

Oh, shit...here we go. It's no mystery that Paul Feig 's take on a rebooted GHOSTBUSTERS has been met with some serious backlash, which seemed to resonate exclusively over the choice to make it an all-female cast, including Kristen Wiig , Melissa McCarthy , Leslie Jones , and Kate McKinnon . Personally speaking, I thought it was an odd choice that felt a bit gimmicky at...
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Review: Ghostbusters (Eric Walkuski's take)

Read Chris Bumbray's take HERE! PLOT: After it becomes obvious that a supernatural presence (or several of them) is haunting the city of New York, four women decide to pool their resources and become the Ghostbusters. REVIEW: I walked into GHOSTBUSTERS with an open mind, ready to like it. Shouldn’t have to preface a review that way, but you know how it goes with this...
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Ghostbusters could be in great trouble near the Great Wall

Chalk this one up as a win for the haters of the new GHOSTBUSTERS, ladies and gentleman. As much as they don’t want the reboot to exist, the movie is out, and has been met with pretty good reviews and will probably make a good chunk of change this weekend. However, those who want the movie as dead as the film's antagonists may have their scoff-driven prayers answered yet,...
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