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Feature-length anime Halo Legends based on the game is on the way

I never really played HALO, because I sucked at it so bad. Anything involving hand-eye coordination was never really my thing. But I appreciated the artistry of the games, and some innovations (such as riding vehicles during multiplayer), and thought it was cool. I was even excited when Peter Jackson was trying to get a movie off the ground with a fresh-faced Neill Blomkamp...
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Sean Bean to star in pilot for TNT titled Legends created by Homeland executive producer Howard Gordon

While it may very well end in his character’s death, be it by show cancellation or violent on-screen fate, at the end of the day more Sean Bean is always good. It really is though. No matter what he’s involved with, no matter how large or small his part, Bean very obviously gives his all and does the very best he can. The fact that TNT’s potential new series...
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