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Leonardo DiCaprio to play another famous Leo in da Vinci biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio has mastered many areas of the acting profession, including winning an Oscar, starring in the (once) biggest movie ever, and dating countless super models. But he’s about to accomplish the greatest feat any actor can hope to achieve: playing a character with the same name as him. Not only does the character share the same name, but he’s the only...
7 days ago
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Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: Atomic Blonde, Die Hard, Hulk, Rocky

Some cliche somewhere said that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' This has proven to be the case for me and especially when it comes to fan art. I have always sought out great fan art and have wanted to share it with as many people as possible. "Awesome Artwork We've Found Around The Net" is the outlet for that passion. In this column I will showcase the kick-ass...
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Oscar "Best Picture" Retrospective - 2007 (video)

In this recurring series we take a look at the Oscar nominations of years past, examining the flicks that were nominated, as well as the pic we feel got snubbed among all the other candidates. Love 'em or hate 'em, the Oscars usually highlight the best films from each year (although there are plenty that get overlooked) and it's always fun to look back and see what was...
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James Cameron & NatGeo teaming up for Titanic: 20th Anniversary documentary

What makes the legacy of James Cameron ’s epic TITANIC even more stupendous is that even though there are billion-dollar movies coming out every year there is only one film to out-gross it on the global level – James Cameron ’s AVATAR. The story of survival and love has swept billions off their feet, and this December it will celebrate its 20th anniversary. To...
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Why It Works: Inception

Why It Works is an ongoing column which breaks down some of the most acclaimed films in history and explores what makes them so iconic, groundbreaking, and memorable. ****SPOILERS AHEAD**** With DUNKIRK landing in theaters this weekend, Christopher Nolan has added another critical darling to his impressive body of work, surprising no one (you can read our review here...
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Martin Scorsese's next film may be Killers of the Flower Moon with DiCaprio

I'd be a little more surprised if Martin Scorsese wasn't going to reunite with Leonardo DiCaprio , but as the pair seem to enjoy working together and their partnership has resulted in some stellar movies, why put a stop to a good thing? Dante Ferretti, Scorsese's longtime production designer, told Variety that the director is hoping to start shooting KILLERS OF THE...
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Movie Endings Explained - Inception (video)

Movie endings, they're usually pretty straight forward right? Everything pays off, the main characters learn something, and our heroes ride off into the sunset. Sometimes though, we don't get the typical ending from a movie, we get something much more nuanced, complex and open ended. The kind of endings that leave things up in the air for all of us to debate and theorise on...
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Scorsese, DiCaprio and De Niro are eyeing Killers of the Flower Moon

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese certainly seem to enjoy working together and their partnership has resulted in some stellar movies, so why put a stop to a good thing? The pair are already developing THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY (more on that later) and now Deadline reports that Scorsese and DiCaprio, along with Robert De Niro , are " seriously considering "...
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Top 10 Samuel L. Jackson Movie Moments (video)

Who on this godforsaken planet doesn’t love Samuel L. Jackson ? I would list all his movies to prove a point, but the man’s name does it for himself. He doesn’t need me to prove why he’s awesome. The master of the word “f@ck”, the man is an icon beyond all compare, influencing generations of viewers. We here at JoBlo honor the man today by doing the...
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Face-Off: The Revenant vs. The Grey

Welcome back, blood bathers, to the JoBlo movie segment, Face-Off. We have an excellent showdown for you today, as two movies about survival will face the ultimate test of...survival: THE REVENANT and THE GREY . On the left we have the Oscar-winning mega hit, which finally snagged it's leading man, Leonardo DiCaprio , his first Oscar after years of rejection in a performance he put his...
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Movie Advice from a 4 Year Old - Titanic (video)

Movies make no sense. If it is a good movie, we go with it. If it sucks, we sit there thinking "What are they doing?" and "Why am I not watching porn instead?" We suspend our disbelief when we watch movies, that is what makes them so great. And with many years of watching movies we tend to know what is going to happen. But not a 4 year old. They don't get that...
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Leonardo DiCaprio to star in The Black Hand as the "Italian Sherlock Holmes"

Now that he's finally won his Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio can pretty much do whatever the hell he wants, such as setting up a big-screen version of Captain Planet or starring as Joseph Petrosino in an adaptation of Stephan Talty's upcoming true-crime novel "The Black Hand". Dubbed the " Italian Sherlock Holmes, " Petrosino was an NYPD cop who went above and...
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