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Update: The Spider-Man actor shortlist includes Asa Butterfield and more

Update : Take this with a grain of salt but Latino-Review is reporting that Asa Butterfield has emerged as the front-runner for the role of Spidey. Latino-Review's sources tell them that " Marvel had liked him since day one. " We'll keep you updated but what do you folks think of the possibility of Asa Butterfield stepping into the shoes of Spider-Man?...
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Review: The Way Way Back

PLOT: A timid teenager forced to go to his mother's boyfriend's beach house for the summer finds friendship with a sardonic water park manager. REVIEW: THE WAY WAY BACK treads familiar territory, but well. We've seen plenty of coming-of-age tales of this sort before; we know the rhythm, we can predict the outcome. But the film (which is the debut of THE DESCENDANTS...
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