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RIP: Star Trek, Fright Night, and Green Room actor Anton Yelchin has died

Russian-born actor Anton Yelchin has died at the age of 27 in a freak car accident at his home early Sunday morning. The actor was on his was to a rehearsal with friends when his car rolled back and pinned him against a wall. LAPD spokeswoman Jenny Houser had this to say about the incident: "A fatal traffic collision occurred. It was the result of the...
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Check out some new stills from Like Crazy, jOBS, Prince Avalanche, The East, and Lovelace

The December movie image dump has arrived! Some new and first stills from LIKE CRAZY, jOBS, PRINCE AVALANCHE, THE EAST, and LOVELACE are showing us diverse film choices for 2013. Though I may be reluctant when it comes to Ashton Kutcher taking on the role of Steve Jobs, I must say that he does look a hell of a lot like him. I must also say that the first thing I thought of when I saw...
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