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Comic Con 2015 TV Pilot Review: Limitless

PLOT: Limitless is a continuation of the 2011 movie starring Bradley Cooper. The TV show follows Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) as a failing musician and a disappointing son to his parents. During his struggles, a chance meeting with an old friend introduces him to a powerful mind-enhancing drug that will change his life forever. REVIEW: Normally when I hear Hollywood is taking a...
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Networks order series based on Uncle Buck, Muppets, Rush Hour, and Limitless

Over the last several months, we have heard lots of stories about popular films being adapted as television series. Some have made it to air while others have disappeared without a second thought. As networks begin ordering shows for their fall schedule, four of these series have been picked up. ABC has ordered new series based on UNCLE BUCK and THE MUPPETS. The new Uncle Buck stars...
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Marc Webb will direct the Limitless TV series pilot for CBS

While waiting to see what's going on with the SPIDER-MAN franchise (don't hold your breath), director Marc Webb is turning his attention to TV. Last year he directed a pilot for Showtime called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which still hopes to become a series, and now he will helm the TV pilot for the CBS series adaptation of LIMITLESS. The 2011 movie starred Bradley Cooper as...
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Limitless and Act of Valor are both being adapted as television series

It was not so long ago that TV was the wasteland for washed up big screen actors and those looking to move up to feature films from sitcom work. Now, television carries an acting prestige as all sorts of projects make their way to cable and network television like never before. As it becomes standard practice to reboot features as series, two more recent movies are on their way to the...
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