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Spielberg's next Robopocalypse? Also wants to direct Edgardo Mortara drama

Steven Spielberg has a few different projects he would like to direct, and now you can add another to the list. Variety is reporting Spielberg will re-team with his LINCOLN and MUNICH screenwriter Tony Kushner for a religious drama called THE KIDNAPPING OF EDGARDO MORTARA. The film will be based on David Kertzer's nonfiction novel, which is about an Italian Jew who was...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Daniel Day-Lewis

Last week, we took a look at the career of leading man/director/producer extraordinaire George Clooney , certainly one of the most consistent people in the biz. That said there are actors and there are actors and this week’s candidate is most definitely a breed apart. Daniel Day-Lewis I have this buddy (coincidently also named Chris) with whom I...
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Cool Videos Exclusive: Top 10 Movie Presidents!

Every year there's at least a couple of movies that have the President of the United States (fictional and real) in them but this year you've got OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN with Aaron Eckhart , WHITE HOUSE DOWN with Jamie Foxx tomorrow and THE BUTLER is out in August featuring six different Presidents with everyone from John Cusack as Richard Nixon to Alan Rickman as Ronald...
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Cool Videos: See Nicolas Cage's lost audition for Steven Spielberg's Lincoln!

All right, all right, so it's not the REAL Nicolas Cage auditioning for LINCOLN, but it's a pretty damn funny rendition of what it might have been like, as performed by Big Bang Theory's Simon Helberg. The actual role was played with a deft touch by Daniel Day Lewis, who took over from Liam Neeson , who was long in the running to portray the influential President. However, one can only...
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Steven Spielberg and George Lucas foresee an "implosion" and radical shift in the film industry

When Steven Spielberg and George Lucas talk, Hollywood listens. The two friends also represent some very different things: Spielberg is the ultimate studio director who has been able to get practically any film made while Lucas has become one of the biggest independent filmmakers of all time (Note: I use the term "independent filmmaker" to represent Lucas financing the STAR WARS...
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Cool Videos: Watch President Obama play Daniel Day-Lewis for Steven Spielberg

The annual White House Correspondents Dinner was on Saturday night and it was chock full of actors, athletes, celebrities and oh yeah, politicians. In recent years the event has been criticized for being too much about the famous faces ( Lindsay Lohan was at the 2012 dinner...yikes) but I've enjoyed the different quotes and videos that have surfaced from previous dinners....
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Lincoln, Killing Them Softly, Veep ...

This week: Daniel Day Lewis really is that damn good in Lincoln, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a sponge-worthy vice president, and Brad Pitt reloads for Killing Them Softly.  ► Usually when an actor is a lock for Best Actor, it’s because of a showy performance which dwarfs everyone else (think Jamie Foxx for...
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Blu-Ray: Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln hit the shelves this month

If you're like me, then you're still playing catch up on a lot of the Oscar contenders that you may have missed in theaters (I'm down to LES MISERABLES and LIFE OF PI).  Since the studios jam pack the Oscar contenders in the Fall/Winter in order to capitalize on the Academy Awards, most viewers end up short on catching them all.  Now, two of the better nominated films are hitting...
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Click here for the live Oscar chat on Movie Fan Central! Welcome to's live coverage of the 85th annual Academy Awards!  Tonight we come to you live with a running commentary of all the winners of the 2012 Oscars.  We will notify you of the winners in each category as they are announced along with tidbits of information regarding the presenters and other goings...
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Join for live Oscar night coverage! Facebook! Twitter! Movie Fan Central!

Join us here Sunday, February 24th at 8pm EST for's live coverage of the 85th annual Academy Awards! We come to you live with a running commentary of all the winners of the 2012 Oscars. We will notify you of the winners in each category as they are announced along with tidbits of information regarding the presenters and other goings on throughout the telecast. Stay tuned...
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Cool Videos: Conan O'Brien spoofs Oscar Nominees

Conan O'Brien has always been one of my favorite comedians. When I was a kid I'd set the VCR (yes I'm old) to record his late night show since I wasn't allowed to stay up that late. Of course the VCR would turn on and wake my Mom up, who had no clue how to operate the device. "I don't even know how to work the damn thing and you have it turning off and on in the middle of the night...
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One director gets brutally honest with his Oscar ballot

Year after year, the fate of Hollywood's best hinges on the votes from the Academy. As each of those industry professionals are deciding on who will win in each category, one has to wonder what they actually think of the nominees. Well it seems that a reporter on the THR staff was called over to the office of a director to listen as he openly discussed how to fill out his ballot for...
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