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Chris Evans circling lead role in feature adaptation of BBC's Jekyll series

Captain America may be looking to trade in his all-American super soldier image for something a little bit darker as Deadline is reporting that Chris Evans is currently circling the lead role in a feature adaptation of BBC's Jekyll mini-series from close to a decade ago. Written by Steven Moffat (Sherlock), the Jekyll mini-series followed Tom Jackman, a modern-day...
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My Little Pony ponies up to land Emily Blunt for first full-length feature

Today Hasbro and Lionsgate announced that Emily Blunt has agreed to voice a character in the first full-length animated feature film for the My Little Pony brand, effectively named MY LITTLE PONY THE MOVIE. Who that character is at this point is unknown, but Blunt isn't the first recognizable outside name to enter into the world of Twilight Sparkle. Kristin Chenowith had already signed...
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A MacGyver movie is still being developed

Hollywood has been trying to jumpstart the MACGYVER brand for years. The original series, starring Richard Dean Anderson, ran from 1985 to 1992, and maintains a legacy of a hero who was always able to get himself out of troublesome situations by using whatever items were nearby to concoct a flawless escape. It's apparently been missed a great deal, because not only is CBS bringing forth a...
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Pan failures may have cost Joe Wright his next directing job

It's been reported that Warner Bros. might lose as much as $150 million on its critically panned PAN, and according to The Wrap , the film's box office failures may have also cost Joe Wright his next directing gig. Insiders tell the site that earlier this month Wright was in negotiations to direct Lionsgate's planned Julius Caesar flick EMPEROR, however those talks...
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Lionsgate to develop a film based on the Borderlands videogame

The videogame-to-film adaptations continue to (mostly) unimpress, and also continue to be made. While we have hopes that the ASSASSIN'S CREED film starring Michael Fassbender will bring something worthwhile to the table, a new player has entered the game: Borderlands. The story takes place on the planet of Pandora which is inhabited by bandits, mercenaries of interstellar...
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Lionsgate developing Emperor, the first of a potential Julius Caesar trilogy

Films dealing with ancient Rome/Greece typically aren't franchise fodder, but they sure seem to be heading that way. Lionsgate already has a potential franchise based around "The Odyssey," and now they're turning their sights on Julius Caesar. Deadline reports that Lionsgate's Summit Entertainment is developing EMPEROR, the first in what could be a trilogy of...
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Exclusive Interview: Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen Stewart Talk American Ultra

How high is too high? Find out in Nima Nourizadeh 's AMERICAN ULTRA – a fast-paced action comedy from the warped mind of Max Landis , writer of CHRONICLE - where a small town stoner comes face to gun with his own unlikely past as a covert government sleeper agent. In the film, Mike Howell ( Jesse Eisenberg ) - an ill-fated burnout - and his live-in...
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Peaky Blinders' director Otto Bathurst takes the helm of Robin Hood: Origins

It's a little ridiculous how many Robin Hood films are currently in development; we're got HOOD from Sony, which is said to be in the vein of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, Disney has NOTTINGHAM & HOOD, which will be similar to their PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise, and Warner Bros. has one in the works as well. Today we bring news from ROBIN...
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Guy Ritchie's Robin Hood: Origins becomes 3rd Robin Hood film in development

If you're a fan of the man in green who loves nothing more than firing off a couple of arrows all in the name of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, then re-organize your communist agenda as there are 3 Robin Hood films in the works! The latest comes from Lionsgate in the form of ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS. As of now, Guy Ritchie is set to direct a script by Joby Harold in...
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2015 Lionsgate Preview!

Lionsgate had a decent year for 2014, despite dropping two spots to seventh place in the studio spread for the year, taking 7.1% of the market share with $736.9 Million in ticket sales. This year sees a smaller slate from the growing studio, which will continue it's next YA franchise series to the sequel test with THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT, while closing out its cash cow, THE HUNGER...
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Brad Pitt teaming up with Robopocalypse writer for sci-fi thriller Alpha

While we wait to hear the next move on author Daniel H. Wilson’s novel ROBOPOCALYPSE adaptation with Steven Spielberg , another one of his ideas is actually moving along. Reports tell us that Lionsgate has picked up the sci-fi thriller ALPHA , based on an original idea by Wilson. He will write the screenplay, Anthony Scott Burns is set to make his feature directorial debut...
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Comic Con: Preview night convention floor pics!

As our coverage of the 2014 SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL continues, we now present to you a detailed looked at the legendary convention floor itself. Like every year, the floor on preview night is just wall-to-wall people who are there to buy toys/collectibles, check out all the booths and of course dress up. You can almost guarantee that no matter what type of media you're...
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