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Remake first looks: International poster for Carrie and image from The Evil Dead

With New York Comic Con well underway there are a number of really cool announcements and first looks being revealed.  With that, we have some cool images from two upcoming remakes; CARRIE and THE EVIL DEAD .  Both of these films stem from terrific source material, which has long been reverred as classic and untouchable.  The original CARRIE was directed by Brian DePalma...
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UPDATED: Bruce Campbell wants you to know that they didn't "screw up" the Evil Dead remake

UPDATE:  Our man Jimmy O just had a chat with director Sam Raimi and got this bit from him to go along with Campbell's comments below; "I read that thing he [Campbell] said and I'd have to agree. I saw the same cut which was really before Fede [Alvarez] was done shooting - maybe three weeks before. And it was probably already like 110 to 120 minutes long so it...
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